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Life with Anna C is a lifestyle, finance, DIY & Craft Blog that readers head to for down-to-earth financial advice, real-world experiences, and awesome craft & DIY tips.

Companies, Brands & Individuals are more than welcome to get in touch and work with me and my website.

When building a relationship with companies, I believe that it's not only who I know, it's how I know them and how I can relate to my readers. I won't start an ambassadorship with just any company. You have to have something that relates to your readers, great quality, and great standards.

This is a great opportunity for your brand to gain more exposure throughout the year. This is truly a win-win-win situation for the consumer, you (the company), and myself. It’s been proven that consumers are more likely to buy products if someone else suggests or gives an honest review of the product or service.Save


Life with Anna C is a lifestyle blog that readers enjoy knowing that all things are not cookie-cutter Insta-perfect. We keep things down to earth and realistic with a bit of sass. If you browse through Life with Anna C, you will find over 6 years of food, drink, home decor, crafts, DIY, mental health, and Ohio fun.

The Life with Anna C audience enjoys:

Lifestyle & Family

Travel & Fun

Money, Debt & Savings

Gaming & Technology

DIY & Crafts

Food & Drink

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Your partnership will earn daily exposure to hundreds of engaged couples, parents, and even some grandparents.

Why a collaboration with Life with Anna C just makes sense

Our Stats Are Facts

Life with Anna C takes pride in providing quality over quantity as well as ethical and awesome content to our readers and followers


Nearly 6.5k +/- page views a month from dedicated readers who also follow on social media.

Growing Regularly

We're growing regularly on all platforms. Between engagement and followers, we're seeing significant growth.


One of my most active socials with regular engagement from our over 2.3k followers and growing.


Popular boards with over 6.5k followers, 51.2k organic impressions, 39.8k monthly pin viewers.

Regularly Updated Posts

We provide quality posts. There is new content being added regularly, at least 2 times weekly.

Our Focus

Our audience is primarily mothers between the ages of 25 & 55, living in the USA, and earn between $35k and $100k annually.


My second most active social accounts with over 5.5k followers and regular tweets to the Twitterverse!


3.3k followers who want real-life, minimally filtered photos and stories that show a real family without the staged fluff.

Gift Guide Inclusions

Product inclusions for the annual Holiday Gift Guide are accepted until November 5th every year.

Currently, the following opportunities are available:

$75 for placement of a single item in a round-up with a single rel=”nofollow” attribute.


$125 for two placements (either two different items in one single guide, or two different items in two different guides) with a rel=”nofollow” attribute for each item.

**Prices do not include any item(s) that needs to be provided to me for photos and accurate honest review.

How does this all work?

Keep in mind that when you work with me, I have strict sponsorship/collaboration guidelines.

  • No refunds on any paid collaborations, ad placements, or sponsorships.
  • All outgoing links and images MUST include a rel=”nofollow” attribute.
  • Every sponsored/collaboration post MUST include an FTC Disclosure/disclaimer at the top of every post.
  • Every social media campaign post will include one of the following wordage/hashtags: [AD], #AD, [Sponsored], #Sponsored, [Partners], or #Partners.
  • All collaborations, partnerships, ad placements, and sponsorships have to fit the intent of Life with Anna C.
  • Absolutely no porn, spam, or links to spoofing, scams, illegal activity, etc will be placed on Life with Anna C.
  • All of Life with Anna C's click-through users have to land on the same landing page.
  • Life with Anna C accepts no post that is or can be offensive to race, gender, culture, sexual preference, disability, etc.

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One of the best things about running a blog is the opportunity to connect with tons of awesome people who want to work with me as much as I want to work with them. To request a media kit or to work with me fill out the form below, or e-mail me at the address below.

Affiliate Notice

Some content you will find on my site may be a paid post.
 You may also find affiliate links on this website! As an Amazon Associate & member of other affiliate networks, I earn from qualifying purchase.
To read my disclosure notice click here.

Mental Health Hotlines

I’m extremely upfront with my Mental Health, I want my readers to know, there is always someone who will listen. If you ever need someone to talk to, please reach out to me on my Facebook page or call one of the numbers below.

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)

Suicide Prevention

Center Against Sexual and Domestic Abuse

National Sexual Violence Resource Center

Trans Lifeline – Support for Transgender People

LGBT NationalHotline

My Facebook Groups


Great Lakes Crafting Connections – Facebook Group
This group is for folks who live in the Great Lakes Region . If you don’t have one of the states in the Great Lakes Region as your location in your profile, I will message you asking your location before allowing you in the group. It’s to cut down on scammers in the group that could target members.

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