Let's Work Together!

When building a relationship with companies, I believe that it's not only who I know, it's how I know them and how I can relate to my readers. I won't start an ambassadorship with just any company. You have to have something that relates to my readers, great quality and great standards.

Let's Work Together

 This is a great opportunity for your brand to gain more exposure throughout the year. This is truly a win-win-win situation for the consumer, you (the company) and myself. It’s been proven that consumers are more likely to buy products if someone else suggests or gives an honest review of the product or service.

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How it works!

Once I receive products, within 4-6 weeks I will write up a post about it here on my blog, telling about the product (description, functions, and more) along with an affiliate link where to purchase the product(s). I do require approval for the Facebook & Instagram handshake (Branded Tool) to promote your products and I do adhere to FTC guidelines.  I will also include your social media (connected with the Facebook and Instagram Branded Tool), as well as shout outs on social media!

Please make sure if you're interested in working together that I do follow FTC guidelines. You can see my policies for giveaways and disclosures by clicking the links below

Giveaway Terms & Conditions
Disclosure, Privacy & Affiliate Policies

Companies and Blogger Networks I work With!

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