4 Golden Rules Of Winter Hygge For Your Household

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I bet you're wondering what “Winter Hygge” means. Well Hygge is a Danish and Norwegian word for a mood of coziness and being comfortable with feelings of wellness and contentment.

The weather is finally (or unfortunately) cold enough to indulge in a cup of hot cocoa with marshmallows! Yum, yum, yum! Whether you’re a winter lover or you prefer the sunny and warm summer, there is no denying that the cold season has plenty of fantastic excuses for us to indulge.

Whether you’re cuddling together in front of the fireplace or drinking a warm and spiced chocolate in front of the TV, there’s no better season to create a hygge feeling at home. 

However, hygge should also extend to your everyday activities. It’s not only a decor trend for the household. It’s a lifestyle approach to introduce simple and healthy comfort in every aspect of your life, and that includes preparing the most hygge winter activities together. 

Bernese mountain dog snow - winter hygge

4 Golden Rules Of Winter Hygge For Your Household

Extend the fitness routine to everyone 

Believe it or not, but hygge doesn’t only mean sitting around a table with friends for a casual chat. Hygge in general is about conviviality and contentment, not only in your decor but also in terms of your mood. Therefore, staying active is an essential element of winter hygge where perceived laziness can affect your mental health. If you want to feel content rather than miserable when it’s cold outside, you need to keep up with your fitness routine; this also includes your puppy exercise schedule! Don’t forget to play with your pet when you’re back from work – or the gym. 

Outdoors fun is healthier for everyone 

Spending time outdoors is essential this winter. Did you know that the enemy of hygge is depression? Unfortunately, seasonal affective disorder, or SAD for short, is a common form of seasonal depression linked to winter. You need to enjoy outside activities to make the most of the direct sunlight – which boosts your vitamin D intake and helps your mood. Simple choices such as going for a walk or looking after the garden can be everything you need.

Winterproof your clothes 

The cold temperatures are no excuse to stay at home. You can find plenty of weatherproof clothes that will keep you warm and dry when it’s snowing outside. More importantly, you also want to have a look for weatherproof equipment for your pet. Indeed, dog’s paws go through a lot in winter. Ice melting salt and other chemical agents can lead to injuries and discomfort.

It’s a good idea for dog owners to introduce a paw grooming routine in winter. Additionally, buying a pair of dog boots can keep your pet warm and healthy in winter. There’s no denying that the first few booted days may get uncomfortable for your dog, but don’t let it discourage you. In the long term, little boots are a worthy investment!

Beware of after-sports snacks 

Last but not least, it can be tempting in winter to look for high-sugar and high-fat food. However, your body doesn’t need excess calories. If you crave a snack, you can find a healthy alternative. The same principle applies to pets too.

Did you know that many of your favorite healthy snacks are also suitable for your dog? Carrots, blueberries, and apples are a fantastic choice after a game in the snow! 

Healthy snacks - winter hygge

Keeping your family healthy in winter is the key rule of hygge. There can be no comfortable and convivial atmosphere if you let the winter blues take over. As a result, focusing on maintaining your health routine can not only help to lift your mood but also keep your immune system strong. Winter Hygge, after all, is like a warm embrace that hugs your household. 

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