5 Ways To Make Money Safely while Unemployed

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The job market is not healthy right now, and COVID-19 is to blame. Nearly half of the population is unemployed, and around thirty million jobs need creating to get back to the pre-Coronavirus levels. People have been trying to find ways to make money. Some of the ways may or may not be safe.

Nearly half of the population is unemployed, and around thirty million jobs need creating and some people have been trying to find ways to make money.
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It is safe to say that your earning potential may not be as high as it has even been right now. Plus, the available positions are not one-hundred percent secure, such as driving a cab or walking other people’s dogs.


Still, you shouldn’t worry as where there is a will, there are 5 ways to make money safely. It is possible to boost your finances while remaining secure even in this unpredictable time, and here’s how.

Take Care Of Your Loved Ones

As a parent and dedicated family member, you do it for free. The good news is that you do not have to as you can make money by being a carer. At FreedomCare, the likes of friends, children, and relatives are eligible to earn $11 per hour if the person in question has Medicare and needs help with day-to-day activities. Okay, it is not a life-changing sum, but it may be enough to take care of your entire family until the job market receives a well-needed boost.

Join Research Studies

Research into the impacts of COVID-19 is one of the best ways for scientists to understand the virus better and craft a vaccine. However, they need participants who are happy to join the study since there are some risks involved. Still, they are incredibly small, especially if you opt for a program that is reputable and backed by industry leaders. All of Us is one such program that is searching for healthy men and women to gain insights into Coronavirus. Even better, it concentrates on antibody testing, so the worst pain you will experience is a sharp prick of the finger!

Teach Online

Are you unemployed and have a wealth of experience in a particular subject? Do you have a stable internet connection? There is good news – one of the easiest ways to make money from home is by tutoring or teaching. Currently, lots of education boards and institutions are looking for experienced and qualified educators to bridge the gap created by COVID. Even if you do not have a master's degree or doctorate, you could have a desirable skill, such as the ability to speak another language. The likes of Verbling and iTalki offer rates of up to $30 per hour, which is pretty lucrative if you can manage to get your message across.

Provide Services as a Professional

You can become a driver for a delivery service such as GrubHub or InstaCart. If you have a certification or specialty that you were laid of from doing, you can utilize that certification and experience and become a professional on a website such as Thumbtack that offers services such as photography, building a fence, painting either the interior or exterior of a home, and many other professional required projects. Just be sure to check your area regulations on independent contractor legal status.

Sell Your Stuff

As always, you can sell the stuff you do not need, or the things you do need but can live without, for a significant sum. Everybody knows about the sites that facilitate turning your trash into treasure, so what are the keys to making more conversions. Firstly, you need quality reviews so that people will trust you. Secondly, you should market your belongings correctly by taking quality photos. Finally, consider the pricing. It is better to reduce your prices to make more sales in the long-term.

Not only are these methods excellent for supplementing your income, but they are Coronavirus secure!

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