Traveling by RV: 7 Safety Tips For a Fun Family Trip

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Traveling by RV with your family members by your side can be a one-of-a-kind travel experience. It is also one of the cheapest and safest ways to travel during the COVID-19 pandemic. With these tips in mind, I bet you can ensure traveling by RV means a safe, fun, and stress-free family trip.

The best thing about traveling by RV, you can travel all year round and you do not have to worry about weather nearly as much as tent camping. As long as you prepare properly, you can camp when it is snowing or when it is 90 degrees outside. So even if you want to get out for a weekend trip or take a 3 or 4-month trip, it is much easier to do when traveling by RV.

Traveling by RV with your family members by your side can be a one-of-a-kind travel experience. It’s also one of the cheapest and safest ways to travel.

Traveling by RV: 7 Safety Tips For a Fun Family Trip

Effective preparation can make a difference between a good and a great RV trip. Stick with these tips, and you will ensure a safe, fun, and memorable trip for the whole family.

Rent Or Purchase the right RV for your Family

Purchasing an RV, or a camper,  is a big investment, and you want to make sure that you understand your needs and preferences before buying one. This is why it makes sense to rent an RV for your family trip, especially if it is your first time going on a camping trip.

Generally speaking, you want to find an RV that is large enough to accommodate your family members so they are comfortable during the trip, but also small and practical enough for you to drive it and feel confident behind the wheel while also making sure that it has all the necessary amenities. Pay attention to the length, though, as some national parks and roads have length restrictions.

Plan your trip in advance

Taking your family on a spontaneous road trip may seem like a good idea at first, but traveling by RV is a bit more complex and will require a little bit more planning and organizing.

Instead of being completely spontaneous about the trip, think about it in advance and give yourself enough time to check off a couple of things from your to-do list. These include finding a place to camp, pre-booking spaces at RV resorts, planning your itinerary, as well as checking the roads in advance, and making sure that they are suitable for your RV size.

Safety first

When taking a road trip with your family, there are so many things to factor in, but safety should definitely be on top of your list of priorities. Fortunately, being able to keep everything under control during your trip is simply a matter of taking some preventative measures.

For starters, make sure you are able to contact someone in case of roadside emergencies. For mobile internet access, consider getting a portable Internet USB for the computer, or rely on free Wi-Fi at truck stops. Truck stops are also great for staying up-to-date with the weather. For an additional layer of security, consider investing in an RV camera system for your vehicle. Newer models come with features such as night vision and motion detection so you can stay safe and feel at peace regardless of the time of the day.

Pack lightly and only bring the essentials

When you are a parent, it is quite easy to start packing all the essentials and non-essentials for your family trip. That being said, the whole point of taking a trip is to move away from the mundane and really push your boundaries by getting out of your comfort zone. This is why you want to avoid overpacking and instead, focus on bringing only the essentials and packing lightly.

Make a list of things you think you will need for your trip, and then simplify it, eliminating anything that is not an absolute must-have. Try to involve your kids in the whole packing process but instruct them to pack only a couple of outfits. As for the bags, steer clear of heavy luggage and only bring soft-sided luggage that will not pose a safety hazard while you are on the road.

Stock up on portable snacks

When you are on the road, it might be tempting to make frequent stops at fast-food restaurants and satisfy your cravings. Most parents will agree that this is not exactly the healthiest option, but it is very convenient.

However, this does not mean that your family can not eat healthy while on the road. Sometimes, providing your children with healthy choices is a matter of planning in advance, stocking up on healthy foods which you can prep and bring with you, as well as bringing some portable snacks which the children can keep with them. If the hunger strikes between the stops, your kids can stay buckled down instead of having to get up and get the food, which can be very risky when traveling by an RV.

Keep the kids entertained

Traveling by RV can be quite challenging for the whole family, but especially for youngsters. Part of organizing an enjoyable and safe family vacation is a matter of finding ways to keep the kids entertained.

Because no one likes driving around with cranky kids in the backseat, your safest bet would be to stock up on all the different entertainment options, from coloring books and cards to board games and activity books. Any of these will help keep their hands and their brains occupied, and are a great alternative to electronics.

Make frequent stops

A family road trip is a great opportunity to visit some local landmarks and explore some attractions. That being said, it is important not to get overly ambitious with your itinerary as this will only result in unnecessary stress.

Instead of driving every day and visiting different campgrounds, give yourself enough time to really engage in each destination and unwind, making frequent stops and the all-important bathroom breaks, so you can keep everyone happy and relaxed.

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