4 Things A New Mom Will Experience After Birth

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When you're a new mom and have a baby on the way, you are almost certainly going to find yourself wondering what it is going to be like, and what the experience of actually being a mom will feel like.

In the truest sense, it is possible to say that there is nothing that prepares you for it and that no matter what you do to try and prepare for it, there is always going to be the occasional thing that is going to throw you off or surprise you anyway. So there is no such thing as perfect preparation when it comes to having a baby.

This was taken just a few moments after giving birth to my firstborn. I was so tired after going through induction for 48 hours and full labor for 8hrs.

However, there are a few common things that new parents find that are often quite shocking, and it is good to be prepared for these specifically as best as you can be. Let’s take a look at what they are, and how to best prepare for them.

4 Things A New Mom Will Experience After Birth

Sleep Regression

If you have never heard of this before, you are not alone – and yet it is something that when you become a new mom, you're going to have to find a way to deal with. In fact, for many people when this first appears it is something that is going to cause a lot of trouble indeed.

In short, sleep regression is when your baby suddenly starts waking up a lot more during the night compared to how they have been sleeping recently. This can be caused by many things, and it's not necessarily anything to worry about, but it is the kind of thing that you want to keep your eye on as best as you can.

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You can research how to survive sleep regression, and you can ask around with other parents and all in all you should find that you are able to get to the bottom of it and work out a way through. But do prepare yourself, as at first, it can be worrying for any new parent.

Skin Problems

Babies are prone to all manner of skin problems, and many of them can appear quite alarming at first glance, especially if you are a new parent and you don’t really know what to expect. You might see strange rashes, what appear to be burn marks but turn out to be something like a birthmark, other shapes and things like moles and freckles which get you worrying about skin cancer and all other sorts of things.

All of these are the kinds of things that all babies get at some point or another, but you should make sure to take your baby to the doctor if you are worried, or the hospital if it is something that is steadily getting worse and you really don’t know what it is. In most cases, it won’t be anything particularly alarming, but it is always good to make sure, just in case.

baby in a bassinet - new mom
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We all know that babies cry, but what can be truly shocking is just how much variance there is in the difference between the crying of different babies. Some might cry all the time, and some hardly at all, and you are going to have to be prepared for this difference to be quite pronounced.

While you may get lucky, like I was when I embarked on the new mom campaign, it's not always the case where you'll have a crying baby a lot. Neither of my boys was big on crying. Sure, they cried when they were hungry, woke up, scared, or needed their diaper changed, but generally, they were happy babies. I was really lucky.

If you have twins, you might even discover that there is a huge difference between them in terms of crying, and all in all, it is something that can really put a lot of people off and upset them greatly. Just remember that you will have a good instinct for these things, and you will easily and quickly come to know what kind of crying needs to be attended to swiftly, and what kind of crying takes a slow, soothing approach. As long as you bear that in mind, you should find that you are able to deal with it much more effectively, and hopefully stop worrying about it quite so much.

Emotional Upheavals

We are talking here about not just the baby, but you as well. Having a baby really is a rollercoaster, and you can’t expect to just get through it without having many ups and downs.

This is going to be a natural and normal part of the process, and it is something that you are going to have to think about if you want to make sure that you are ready for the whole thing. In truth, you might not know you are ready until you are doing it, but as long as you are aware of what to expect, that should help you along somewhat.

Just like normal ups and downs without having a child, being a new mom, can also mean that you can suffer from postpartum depression.

One recent study found that 1 in 7 women may experience PPD in the year after giving birth. With approximately 4 million live births occurring each year in the United States, this equates to almost 600,000 postpartum depression diagnoses.

Becoming a New Mom - PN

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