Can a Stylish Jumpsuit Upgrade Your Wardrobe?

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Ladies all know the importance of having an LBD (Little Black Dress) in their wardrobe, but what about a stylish jumpsuit? The trusted dress that we turn to when we are not sure what to wear. Sometimes it is used as the last resort outfit for a night out, which can be okay, but other times, people just know that you were not able to decide on an outfit.

You can rest assured that there are going to be plenty of other women that are rocking a black dress too, which is why you should consider going out in jumpsuits and pantsuits instead. Honestly, pantsuits or a stylish jumpsuit could be the most fashion-forward outfit during an event.

When I worked outside of the home, pantsuits were just coming back into style. I wish at the time I had the body for them because I used to love wearing them when I was younger. They are so darn comfortable. You do not have to worry about your pants riding up, falling down, needing a belt (unless you want one for an accessory), etc. They are so versatile also.

Ladies all know the importance of having an LBD (Little Black Dress) in their wardrobe, but what about a stylish jumpsuit?
Image by Bernadette V from Pixabay

If you take a look on the Internet or in your favorite fashion magazine, you will see that there are so many different styles of going out jumpsuits and playsuits to choose from. Therefore, you are bound to find something that fits in with your sense of style, the occasion, and your body shape, and you can bring it to life with sparkly jewelry, such as the pieces from Jacob Mercari.

Can a Stylish Jumpsuit Upgrade Your Wardrobe?

And, we will give you some great tips on choosing the best jumpsuit or playsuit later on in the post. Nevertheless, irrespective of the jumpsuit you select, you can be sure that you will give off a chic, high fashion edge. This is a streamlined piece; much like a full tuxedo suit, meaning it achieves an undeniably elegant appearance. 

Jumpsuits and playsuits are also really easy to wear. You can step away from the obvious LBD without having to worry about choosing separates. A lot of people also like going out in jumpsuits and playsuits because they can be leg-lengthening, creating the appearance of long model-like legs. And, not to mention, celebrities love them! Everyone from Cameron Diaz to Emma Watson is a fan of the jumpsuit. Solange Knowles even wore one to her wedding. 

The only thing you need to know is how to choose the best playsuit or jumpsuit for you.

Firstly, you are advised to buy for your body length instead of your dress size. If you fail to do this, you could end up walking around with a ‘nappy’ pant or the jumpsuit could ride up excessively at the back.

Photo by Vinicius Altava from Pexels

You also need to ensure you choose the right jumpsuit for your shape. Pear shapes should look for styles with neck embellishment or volume around the shoulders. If you are top-heavy, a style where the shorts flute out will balance your silhouette. If you are petite, look for soft folds and avoid large prints. Jumpsuits that have a contrasting belt and a form-fitting style are great for those with an hourglass shape.

So there you have it – the reasons why you should consider ditching the LBD and going for a jumpsuit or a playsuit instead. Not only will you boast a high fashion edge, but also jumpsuits and playsuits are easy to wear. They can also be dressed up and down with ease. All you need to do is make sure you select the right one for your body shape and your taste. 

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