Staying Safe and Healthy During the Pandemic

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We’re living through strange times. Just a couple of months ago, nobody could have predicted how things would pan out for any of us. We were living our usual day to day lives and were completely unprepared for a pandemic to hit. The most important thing to do is focus on staying safe and healthy through the pandemic while everyone is still trying to figure this whole thing out.

The most important thing to do is focus on staying safe and healthy through the pandemic while everyone is still trying to figure this whole thing out.
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Across the world, the majority of countries have reduced travel across borders and are requesting their citizens to stay home in order to save lives from the highly contagious virus. While it may be hard to stay focused on everyday living, staying safe and healthy may even be a little bit more difficult at this time.

Staying Safe and Healthy During the Pandemic

It’s not all too surprising that many of us are wondering how we can stay as safe and healthy as possible amidst all of this. Here are a few areas to focus on in order to achieve this!

Listen to Government Advice

You should be staying home as much as possible, ideally only leaving your home for absolute essentials, such as food and medication. Even as states and countries are starting to open up more it's still essential to follow the guidelines set in place when working towards staying safe and healthy. Where possible, avoid even leaving home for these things – try to order your food shopping online with delivery, or use virtual urgent care telehealth for a consultation and to have prescription medication dropped off at your doorstep.

This virus is highly contagious and can be passed on between people who are stood closer than two meters apart, or from touching surfaces that may be carrying the virus. When you do leave the house, it’s ideal to wear latex gloves and a medical-grade face mask. This can reduce transmission all-round.

Get Your Vitamins and Minerals

Many of us are having to reduce the amount of fresh food we’re eating, as queues to supermarkets are long and these are some of the locations where you’re most likely to pick up the virus – people are understandably trying to make their trips there as infrequent as possible and are consequently purchasing more canned and frozen foods.

The most important thing to do is focus on staying safe and healthy through the pandemic while everyone is still trying to figure this whole thing out.

Just make sure you’re still getting all of your vitamins and minerals. Frozen fruit and vegetables are a good option and you can also consider supplements for areas you may be worried you’re falling short of. Having essential vitamins, minerals, and foods is vital to staying safe and healthy through everything going on right now and even without a highly contagious virus.

Focus On Your Mental Health

Staying home all day every day can be difficult. Especially if you have concerns about finances due to being unable to go to work. It can be hard if you live with people and you aren’t getting on well with them, and it can be hard if you live entirely alone, so there’s not much winning. Staying home and not interacting with our loved ones, can be a drain on our mental health and make it extremely hard to focus on staying safe and healthy.

Make sure to focus on your mental health during these times. It’s a good idea to be productive and to try to be as optimistic as possible. If you have financial concerns, check out what support your government is providing – there may be grants, furlough pay, unemployment benefits, or stimulus checks available to you. Try to keep in touch with loved ones with video calls or group video chats. Remember there are helplines out there too!

These are just a few ways to maintain your overall health and wellbeing during these difficult times. Hopefully, some of the above advice will prove useful for you!

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