5 Ways to Stay Healthy During the Winter Months

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Drinks that help you stay healthy during the winter months

How do you stay healthy during the winter months?

The winter can be a fun-filled time of festive delights, yet it also has its drawbacks. With the winter-flu going around, and those darker and colder days, it becomes increasingly important to prioritise our physical and mental health. Luckily there are plenty of things that you can do to stay healthy during the winter months.

5 Ways to Stay Healthy During the Winter Months

Increase your vitamins

To give your immune system the boost it needs, ensure that you are consuming plenty of vitamins. Eat plenty of fish, avocado, squash and spinach to get your dose of vitamin D. For vitamin C, make sure that you eat plenty of citrus fruits, broccoli, tomatoes and sweet potatoes.

A vitamin rich diet will keep your body energised and strong. It’s also a good idea to drink some Echinacea tea each day, to ward off the winter flu.

Elderberry is also very popular right now, with good reason. My youngest and I both came down with the flu. He got hit harder than I did. As soon as he came down with it, we had to go to the ER, his temp topped out at 104. Mine, was at 101.

First hint of fever, yuck I started taking elderberry chewables along with my cold, sinus & flu medicine. I was better within 2-3 days TOPS. He was out of school with the prescription for a whole week. I now take elderberry daily to help keep the yuck away.

Since we live in Ohio, it's important to have the preventative medications and vitamins to help stay healthy during the winter months. So we typically stock up on our favorites like the ones below.

Winterproof your home

To stay healthy and warm, it’s vital that you winter-proof your home. Check your windows and doors for any drafts and fill them in with a little caulk. Invest in some extra rugs, throws and cushions for added warmth and insulation in your rooms.

Check your central heating system and get those maintenance or repair issues sorted now before your home gets really cold. Companies like Metro Express Service provide some great heating services if you find yourself in need this winter. 

Ease holiday season stress

During the holidays, it can often feel as though there are endless chores. Of course, you’ll want to get all your cooking prepped, and gifts wrapped, but it’s important to take a break too. Allow yourself ‘me-time’ each day to relax.

Turn on your favourite show, sit back with a glass of wine, take a walk or a long bath. It’s easy to become stressed when you’ve lots to do. Ensure that you seek out your own coping strategies to unwind so that the stress does not impact your mental health

Try not to overindulge every single day

It is easier said than done when you are constantly on the go, trying to get everything ready, and it’s so easy to fall into the trap of overindulging every single day during December. But while we can easily pop a pill to remove the symptoms of something like heartburn or indigestion with a Zantac, there are numerous Zantac injury symptoms you need to look out for, especially as so many of the products have been recalled. 

That’s not to say you shouldn’t treat yourself, but if you feel that you have overdone it, and it’s been a long stressful day so you think you should finish that plate of cookies, listen to your body. You’ll have plenty of time to eat what you want closer to Christmas.

Seek the winter sun

It may not be the summer anymore, but there are still some bright (but cold) days of winter sun! Make sure that you get outside on these days as much as you can. Getting vitamin D is important for your immune system, bones and blood cells too. Sunlight can help to boost your mood and help you to feel more positive on those darker winter nights.

If you're not able to get outside and into the sun, there are awesome sunlight lamps that can help with that.

Improve your sleep regime

Wintertime can leave us feeling sluggish, and many of us tend to sleep more. The problem is, too much sleep can leave us feeling over-tired and lacking in energy. Try to perfect your sleep regime by going to sleep and waking at the same time daily.

Keep your alarm set for early, rise and try a morning yoga session (even if it’s dark)! Sticking to a healthy regime in the winter can be difficult, so it may take a little trial and error.

Stay healthy during the winter months - pn

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