Be The Best You When You Start Investing In YOUR Health

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Investing in your health is something that everyone needs to do, most people don’t and they end up paying for in the long run. Health is a rabbit hole, something that can always be improved, something that must always be taken care of. Thankfully, investing in your own health isn’t nearly as difficult as some think. While it’s often something you feel directly, though not always immediate, it definitely benefits you over the long term, so don’t give up too early.

Health has many different aspects. While mental health and functioning is essential to consider, for the purposes of this article we are to focus on physical health. Thankfully, physical health is one of the most effective precursors to mental wellness, so this can be a useful set of advice in itself.

Be The Best You When You Start

Investing In YOUR Health

Posture & Physical Composure

The way that we handle ourselves can often lead to a large impact in how we feel on a daily basis, and how we can further handle ourselves as the years pass on. Our posture and physical composure will contribute heavily to this. It’s quite commonplace to see how the use of devices in bed, and hunched over a desk have led to the ‘forward-head’ syndrome many seem to carry in the modern day. This is due to hunching, being curled up with devices, and looking down at our mobile screens when we have the chance.Desktop Monitor, desk, flowers, char, keyboard - Start Investing In Your Health

This can be due to a lack of strength in our back and neck muscles also. It can be tiring to keep posture. But it’s important to. This is because posture helps keep your spine in good alignment, which reduces the chance of injuries over time. It can also help you ensure the long-term health of your organs, as they will be in correct alignment. For example, good posture can help with bowel movements, and also help you reduce the chance of ‘forming’ in that set negative posture, which will only lead you to further negative statues as you get older.

There are many ways to counteract these issues. Light full bodied squats and dead lifts in the gym can help your back muscles grow. Doing full bodied cardio can also help, especially if exercised with the best form possible. It can also be quite worthwhile to invest in ergonomic equipment in order to help you work with the least damage possible over time. For example, finding a monitor stand that can allow the top bezel of the screen to be level with your eyesight can help you prevent said forward-head syndrome, as can making a real effort to stop leaning over when checking  your devices. If possible, investing in a healthy ergonomic chair to keep your lumbar supported can be worthwhile, as a bad chair balance is one of the most harmful contributing factors to negative posture. Not only this, but finding the best mattress for back alignment can also help you sleep well. Also, simply keeping this in mind will be your best tool to keep yourself healthy. When you remember to, walk with your back straight and shoulders back, to the natural extent that you can. Over time, this assertive posture will not only help you feel more confident, but naturally help with all the matters we have just described.

New Diets

It might be that you’re struggling to lose weight. This can be a hard mountain to overcome, but doing so is more valuable than you could imagine. However, even if you’re not, taking a competent look at your diet can help you enjoy more of a chance of immediate success. This is because organizing your entire eating consumption around a theme can often help you understand where mistakes are being made, rather than simply trying to hit a vague caloric limit. Of course, you must always consult with a healthcare professional before you ever decide to follow a completely new form of dietary consumption.

If given the all clear, you may decide to opt for Paleo, which can be reduced to the complete elimination of processed or unnatural foods from your diet, such as overly refined sugars or carbs. This, in itself, can help you return back to the way in which our ancestors used to eat before the industrial revolution. A new diet you choose might be ketosis, which is all about eliminating any and all carbohydrates from your diet up to a 20g limit per day, as this can help you lose weight via your body releasing fat ketones instead of running off glucose – which is a much more dense and energy-effective form of fuel, giving your body the nutrients it truly needs from the offset. This diet can also completely remove your hunger pangs, which is a usual theme for those indulging in a high-carbohydrate diet. Satiation can be a big killer of unnecessary snack eating, and for the long-term management of health, that can be excellent.

But it might be that cutting out certain vices throughout the day can lead to massive long-term results. For example, cutting out alcohol or limiting yourself to a certain amount per month can help you avoid the toxifying effects that we all know of. Even one packet of potato chips a day less can add up to a large subtraction of the processed oil you consume in year, so little changes like this are often the most important to make.

Movement & Boredom

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It is extremely easy for those who do not move much to gain a sense of boredom. Of course, this can be hard to develop positively if you have a mobility issue, an injury, or another form of movement limit. The best thing you can do is what you can. There may be a swimming session at your local public leisure center dedicated to stretching and water-assisted movement. It could be that a machine at your local gym can help you stay stationary while exercising your arms, and your upper body. Or it might be that making more of an effort to take your dog out for a walk could be extremely beneficial. Walking is such an underrated form of exercise, and can contribute to most of your needs. in the past I walked on average 5 miles daily and lost 20lbs within 3-4 months. I didn’t do anything else, just walk. Try to move around the house as much as you can, perhaps look into using a standard desk if you work from your home office for some time a day.


If you have the potential for movement but you simply do not feel like it, allow this to be one of your saving graces. Deciding to exercise even if you really don’t want to can be like the truth, in that it cuts like a sword through whatever cloud of lethargy or difficulty there is. When we get our body moving, even through a simple walk or light jog, our body feels connected, and knows exactly what hormones to release to help you feel simply wonderful. Do this enough, and you’ll begin to actually like it.

Your Living Space

Your living space can often contribute to your daily health much more than you know. For example, switching to non-toxic cleaning chemicals can remove irritations you might have been experiencing. Ensuring that the ventilation of each room is up to par can help you with any respiratory issues you might be experiencing, and regular dusting can prevent their chance of occurring. Ensuring you check for mold or damp in your rooms can also help you avoid breathing in spores that can sometimes grow in damp environments.

Your Work Space

I totally understand that not everyone is able to work from home like I do. Believe it or not, I used to work outside of the home years ago. One thing I always do while I work, in or outside, is make sure my work space is neat, tidy and I guess you can say “zen” for me. Similar to making sure you have a chair that helps with posture, your computer monitor up more so that your eyes are at the correct level, you need to make sure your work space, well, works for you. Have your pens, pencils, notepads, stapler & remover, scissors, etc all within arms reach so you’re not having to search all over the place. If you’re like me, you try to have as little on your desk as possible so that when you’re working on a project, you have the space.

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