3 Sly Ways A Smile Can Be Beneficial To your Health

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How does smiling make you feel?

Did you know that a smile can be beneficial to your health? It is a sign you are happy and having a good time, but most of all, it shows you are secure in yourself. After all, confidence is something we all present in our own way – for some, it is loud and obvious, for others it is quiet and assured. But no matter how confident you feel or act, a simple smile is the number one thing for showing just how good you feel! 

But smiling does not just help you feel confident or let people know you are feeling happy – there are many other benefits to it as well! So let us go over the ways that a smile can be beneficial to your health below, just in case you feel like you haven’t been smiling enough lately and want a reason to do it more often. 

Did you know that a smile can be beneficial to your health? It is a sign you are happy and having a good time while being secure with yourself.
Photo by Lina Kivaka from Pexels

3 Ways A Smile Can Be Beneficial To your Health

Smiling (and laughing) Can Relieve Pain

You might have heard of having to ‘grin and bear’ things, but did you know there is some scientific study that can actually back up how a smile can be beneficial to your health? When you smile and laugh, your brain gets the message to let out some happy chemicals (endorphins), which will act as a very natural pain suppressant

Of course, if you’re experiencing chronic or serious pain, the best thing is to get to a doctor, but if you have a headache or your back is hurting, put on your favorite comedy and just get laughing. It is so good for you and your body and mind will thank you! 

You’ll Look Great! 

Smiling really does make you look great, and when you look great (and can it feel it etched into the lines of your face), it’s going to take your mood right up! Smiles release endorphins, as we know, that makes you feel really good on the inside, which leads to more smiling, and a much more approachable (and even youthful!) look. 

Sure, maybe you like to cover your mouth when you smile, or you never smile with an open mouth, but your smile is still incredibly beautiful. And maybe it’s your teeth that you’re a little insecure about? Don’t worry, there’s a lot you can do, including investing in invisible aligners to really help your teeth shine when you’re happy, confident, or just find something funny. Either way, a smile can be beneficial to your overall appearance, after all, no one likes being sad all of the time.

You’ll Feel Less Stressed

A smile can be beneficial not only to your outward health, but also to your mental health. Seeing as smiling is a natural way to relax, and laughing makes you feel all jolly and good inside, it only makes sense that putting a smile on your face in a stressful situation would help you out. When you smile more often, you will feel less stresed and/or anxious.

Indeed, finding the positives (or the comedy) in all things can help to keep your heart rate low and your blood pressure nice and stable. So, smiling and laughing also ensure that your muscles relax, including the heart, and could be one of the smallest yet effective ways to combat heart disease. 

A simple smile has a lot of benefits for your brain and body. If you’re feeling down, or you’re in a bit of pain, or you’ve had a hard time lately, find a reason to smile and things might just start looking up again. 

Written by Anna C.

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