12 Signs of a Toxic Relationship To Be Aware Of

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Relationships can be hard work. Even harder if you are starting to notice the signs of a toxic relationship. It is important that you recognize the signs as early as you can in order to end the relationship.

Years ago when I was a teenager I was in a relationship that all of my friends tried to get me out of but I was not able to see the signs of a toxic relationship. Every time I tried to break up with him, he would guilt trip me. No matter how prepared I was, he always knew how to rope me back in. He would buy me gifts, write sweet letters, carry my books, etc., until something triggered him again. It took being physically abused by him to finally stand my ground and leave.

Relationships can be hard work. Even harder if you are starting to notice the signs of a toxic relationship so you can end the relationship.
Image by Diana Cibotari from Pixabay

If your partner has started to become incrementally more annoying the longer the lockdown has gone on, this may be a symptom of cabin fever. This is a perfectly natural psychological phenomenon. Try not to beat yourself up about it if you find yourself prone to anger or irritation. Just try to maintain the presence of mind, and keep your temper. And it goes without saying that your partner should do the same if you both wish to maintain a stress-free relationship.

There are many signs of a toxic relationship and while they can be harder to spot when you are in the middle of a relationship, it is still good to keep an eye out to see if you can spot any of the following traits.

Signs of a Toxic Relationship To Be Aware Of

These are just a few signs of a toxic relationship – it is important to be aware and try not to ignore the red flags. It could be that you don't communicate well and respond sarcastically, with humor or that you always end up arguing instead of talking calmly about things.

  1. They tend to control you, which can lead to frustration and difficulty on your end.
  2. There is a lack of support when it comes to what you enjoy or your career.
  3. They put you down or insult you
  4. You feel like there is always a lot of drama.
  5. You don't want to be around that person for fear they will start arguing with someone else because they're usually short-tempered and easily angered.
  6. There are constant arguments about trust, honesty, jealousy, money
  7. They act completely differently around others.
  8. You feel like you can't make decisions without their input and they are not ok with that.
  9. They don't seem to have any interest in spending time with your friends or family, which means the two of you spend a lot less quality time together.
  10. The person is obsessed with sex all the time
  11. They are using guilt trips or manipulation on you – in order to get what they want from the situation.
  12. Constantly making hurtful comments about you then another red flag may be that their actions never match up with you.

One or both of you might disrespect one or another, you might be constantly stressed or on edge and you might find that you are scared to do something wrong in case your partner will get angry about it. It is very important to recognize these traits and if you are constantly unhappy to do something about them.

You could try counseling or therapy, or suggest taking a break and some space from each other. If you are married, then perhaps divorce is the only option for you. If you are considering divorce, you can find out some stats and figures about divorce and signs of a toxic relationship in the infographic below.

Infographic design by: Spodek Los Angeles Divorce Attorneys

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