How To Save On Energy Bills All Year Long

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With winter just a few short weeks away, it is a great time to talk about how to save on energy bills. Whether you live in the south where the temperatures stay pretty consistent throughout the colder months or up north like I do, when it comes to energy bills, a penny saved is a penny not wasted on high bills.

The simplest financial hack to help you save money is to concentrate on using less energy at home. Whenever this is spoken about, ideas surface relating to keeping your home heating and cooling costs down. Admittedly, this is where a lot of your money gets spent!

Still, you have to focus on your electricity usage as well, which can be shockingly high in most homes. Again, a lot of attention goes to switch off appliances and stuff like that, but one of the biggest issues is your lighting. 

It is always a great time to talk about how to save on energy bills. After all, a penny saved is a penny not spent on high bills.
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Leaving your lights on for long periods every day will use so much electricity and can often make it hard for you to save on energy bills. That being said, we’ve got a few easy hacks that we believe will stop you from doing this and help you save money every month:

How To Save On Energy Bills All Year Long

Use alternative light sources

Instead of turning your main lights on, look for other ways of lighting the room that uses far less electricity. For example, candles use no electricity at all, so they can be a good option in some rooms if you want dim lighting. Battery-powered lights are also a great shout, as are table lamps that you plug into a socket. While the latter will still use electricity, the power needed to keep them on is far less than what’s required for the main light in the ceiling. Combine these energy-saving bulbs when illuminating your home in order to save on energy bills even more. 

It is always a great time to talk about how to save on energy bills. After all, a penny saved is a penny not spent on high bills.
Photo by Ann Nekr from Pexels

Install smart bulbs

We just touched upon energy-saving bulbs but there’s another type of bulb that takes your savings to the next level. Smart bulbs are bulbs that can be programmed via an app on your phone or tablet. You screw them in and they connect to the app, where you have complete control over everything from the color of the bulb to its strength.

This lets you dim the lights whenever they’re on, so they use less power. However, the main benefit is that you can connect to the lights when you’re out of the house. It means you can check if you left any lights on before you left, turning them off right away. Depending on the bulb/app, you might be able to program the lights to turn off at a specific time every morning, just in case you forget. It means you never have to return home after work to find that your bathroom light was on all day long!

Open the curtains

Finally, this easy hack helps you spend less time every day with any lights on inside your home. All you have to do is open your curtains or blinds throughout the day. Let as much natural light into your house as you can, and you’ll be able to see without any issues at all. It’s such a simple trick, yet you’ll be amazed at how many people fail to do it. They sit inside with the curtains or blinds drawn and light on. Little do they know it’s only dark because no natural light is coming in.

Three extremely easy ideas for you to implement in your home right away – and they will all help you use less electricity for your home lighting, saving valuable pennies each month. 

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