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Ever wonder what goes inside a busy day of an entrepreneur living up to their entrepreneurial functions and activities?

Basically, a lot.

The very first thing that would enter their mind when he wakes up in the morning is how to show efficiency and effectiveness to the client the benefit of their presentation. Then he would walk into their office and meet with them.

An Entrepreneur would emphasize the importance of patronizing their ideas. When they shook hands with it, an entrepreneur knows that’s the start of a brand new day. But meeting up with the expectations is not all that there is. An entrepreneur’s responsibility doesn’t stop there. Their mind should always think beyond the unthinkable and recheck their assets to support it. The cost is great but the risks are greater. An entrepreneur not only sacrifices their reputation at stake but also their trust fund.

3 Important Daily Routines an Entrepreneur Does For Success - PN

There are only 3 important daily routines an entrepreneur incorporates with their life:

    1. Organize
      • Make sure that you keep everything where it will be accessible and makes sense.
      • Make sure your days are organized. I can't tell you how many times I've sat down at my desk and went blank because I didn't have my planner in front of me.
      • USE A PLANNER! I can't stress this enough. I don't care if it's google calendar or a paper bound planner. USE IT! I personally love weekly & monthly planners. That way I can see what's going on overall throughout the month, and break it down further by the week. 
      • Just like you should keep everything in your work area accessible, you need to makes sure that you keep your devices organized also. I LOVE using OneDrive for my documents that I'm not sharing with others (even though you can) and using Google Drive for documents/files that I'm sharing with others.
    2. Coordinate
      • Make sure that everything you have scheduled coordinates with other things that are going on throughout the day. If you have a meeting on the other side of town, don't schedule something else for the opposite side within a couple hours. It really makes sense to get as much accomplished on one side of town while you're there.
      • Get together with other entrepreneurs in your field. Sometimes partnering up can benefit everyone involved.
      • Emails & Phone Calls. I'm an email girl, I live by email, but that's my introverted personality. Sometimes getting on the phone with a client or potential client is the best route so that things do not get communicated in the wrong manner.
      • Time management is extremely important as well. This is where a planner or a calendar app is extremely important.
    3. Mobilize
      • Ads – ads can be your kryptonite or your saving grace. It all depends on the ad, the placement and how much you spend. I personally don't like to spend hundreds a month on ad placement, but if you have the funds, by all means.
      • Apps are the rage right now. If you make an app for your website or business. Make sure it's for all devices to optimize your coverage and reach. I don't know how many times I've been so upset that an app was only available for iOS and not on Android phones (which I love).
      • Make sure your website is mobile ready and responsive. If it's not, you won't get much, if any, traffic through mobile devices.

        Blogging Entrepreneur Calendar

        This is a sample of what my blogging calendar looks like. Blogging, despite what some people think, is definitely an entrepreneur business. We essentially work for ourselves so we have to construct our blog just like an entrepreneur would construct his business.

You must have the ability to balance all three because when one is lost, the others might be compromised. Organizing includes creativity, innovativeness and strategy of pulling it altogether.

The spirit of a true warrior has to be present. They are knowledgeable that a positive attitude and the will to walk the extra mile with no hesitation would gain much profit. They always does their research, gather data, and think of ways on how to expand their own establishment.

Coordinating means communicating.

Explaining the pros and cons. Talking to people who can supply resources like raw materials, facilities, and machineries needed for the business to get on its track. A blurry conversation between the entrepreneur and the supplier would affect the rate and quality of production.

Mobilizing the people who works wholeheartedly for they must also be prioritized. An iron hand always gets a business into trouble.They add benefits. They know that what they need similar to what their laborers need. This is crucial to establish one big happy working environment.

These activities must be balanced. One thing lacks or exceeds, the whole process messes up. Their functions are elaborated more.

The function to think

  • Think of numerous possibilities beyond human expectation
  • Think of who needs what
  • Think of how to handle a question or a problem by providing different possible answers
  • Making decisions without the fear of being crucified the moment they mess things up
  • Think of how much everything would cost
  • Think of how much their business would profit
  • Think of what others might not think
  • Elaborates and explains to further understanding

The function to act

  • Act according to their plans
  • Act that exceeds to what is expected
  • Act with passion and charisma
  • Act giving pride to the phrase “1% inspiration, 99% perspiration”
  • Act bearing the dignity, respect and trust
  • Act like the world owes you big time
  • Act like no one has acted before

If all of these functions seem easy for you to conjure, then your good to go. But if situations and predicaments are holding you back, you are bound to fail. Remember, balance in everything is how you and others benefit. Function as you are expected to function and find glory in it.

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