I received one or more of the products or services mentioned below for free in the hope that I would mention it on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I  believe will add value to my readers.

I already have anxiety, so going out ANYWHERE without my husband or at least one of my kids, is horribly frustrating and throws my anxiety through the atmosphere!

Chagrin Falls - The Glass Asylum

A beautiful photo of The Falls in Chagrin Falls that I took while visiting The Glass Asylum!

I recently had a blogger event about an hour away from home and it was just for me. I couldn't take my husband or a kid. JUST ME! Sure, I could go into “work mode” and sometimes that works, but what am I going to do BEFORE “work mode” sets in? I knew I was going to be at least 30 minutes early, so I wanted to walk around town a little.

I was an anxious mess. I was looking around me like crazy, making sure that I was safe and no one was entering my bubble.

People in the town probably thought I was some kind of weirdo! (Big Surprise…not)

Ripple Safety Device Could Help with Anxiety

I forgot to attach my Ripple Safety Device to my purse when I first got it. After I got back home from this event, I attached my Ripple onto my purse. Not because anything happened, but because it was my security knowing that IF I was in any type of danger, all I would have to do is press it, Ripple would call me and see if I needed help. If I didn't answer, they would immediately ping my location and call authorities.

I've had my Ripple Safety Device on my purse for…ohhhhh….. probably a month now… I must have caught it on something and ripped off because unfortunately it's nowhere to be found and that really saddens me.

When I first received and activated my Ripple, my phone was playing catch up apparently because I didn't think I connected it right, so I kept pressing and holding, pressing and holding. About 20 minutes later, I received probably 3-4 phone calls back to back from Ripple's dispatch calling to make sure I was okay and not in danger. I laughed, explained, “Duh, human error along with impatience caused my device to activate an alarm!”

Ripple Safety Device

It's seriously super easy to activate and install

  1. Download “Ripple Support” App (Available both on Apple iOS & Android)
  2. Open the Ripple Support App & Register Your Phone
  3. Select “I Have a Button” & Pair Your Ripple Device with your phone

About Ripple Safety Device:

  • Dispatches Emergency Resources
  • Discreet Emergency Alert Button That's the Size of a Dime
  • Easy to Wear, Easy to Use
  • Never Needs Charging and is Water Resistant
  • U.S. Based Professional Monitoring Team
  • 24/7/365 Nationwide Coverage
  • Response in Seconds
  • Less than the cost of 2 cups of your favorite Latte from your favorite Coffee Shop



ONE CLICK  Uncomfortable Situations

Your 24/7 monitoring team immediately calls you. You are now talking live with a Ripple Safety team member who has your profile, instructions, and location at their fingertips. They stay on the phone with you until you feel safe once again.

THREE CLICKS  Emergency Situations

Ripple Safety monitoring team dispatches emergency services to your location and relays the critical physical and medical information in your profile to first responders, effectively getting you the help you need without requiring you to say a single word.


For only $10/month with NO CONTRACT.
24/7 service may be canceled at any time.

Free Friends and Family Network (No Monitoring Service)

For those loved ones who do not desire the 24/7 coverage provided by our monitoring team, Ripple Safety offers an option where they can still alert friends and family when they need help.

ONE CLICK  Uncomfortable Situations

Sends a text message alert to up to five pre-selected contacts with your location telling them you are in an uncomfortable situation.

THREE CLICKS  Emergency Situations

Sends a text message alert to up to five pre-selected contacts with your location telling them you are in an emergency.

You can purchase a Ripple Safety Device with 1-year service below:

Ripple Safety Device Could Help with Anxiety

Where would you put your Ripple Device, when you win?

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