Reasons to Book a Stand Up Comedian

by | Jun 24, 2019

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You have the catering, the decorations, the invitations – what’s left? Hosting a party or event can be a handful, but you’ve checked your boxes and have a great night planned for you and your guests. You may be wondering what to do about entertainment.

Do you hire a DJ?

A band?

Just throw on some music and dust off your old Monopoly box?

For events big and small, entertainment for the night seems like one of the most important factors. Why not think outside the box and hire a comedian to make your big night special? There are many reasons that a comedian might be the best choice of entertainment for your event, but it depends on what type of party you’re throwing.

Reasons to Book a Stand Up Comedian for Your Next Event

Office Party

One the best times to work in an office is during the holidays, when business slows down and everyone is relaxing and able to get together to celebrate. Office parties are some of the best bonding experiences between coworkers – getting to mingle with other departments, seeing your higher-ups as your equals, letting your guard down so your personality can shine outside of the typical business setting. It can be hard, sometimes, to loosen up around your coworkers, though. You’re on your best, business-like behavior with them every day, so joking around and partying might feel inorganic at first. Help your team break the ice by hiring a Stand Up Comedian to get the ball rolling and get the crowd laughing. Not only will it get everyone in party mode, but it will certainly give everyone something to talk about for weeks at the water cooler. Hire a comedian who is well-versed in corporate events – someone who can tow the line between clean and dirty, nothing too offensive for the workplace but just enough grit to get the crowd going.

Bar or Club

If you’re looking to hire live entertainment for your business, whether that be a bar, restaurant, or club, it seems obvious to hire a DJ or band. This is a fairly typical approach – live music venues are common and often don’t take a new, unique approach. Attract new customers to your business and give the community something to talk about by hiring a comedian on the weekends. For a venue that specializes in wild nightlife, you can feel safe going with a more raunchy comedian. Or, take your typical “open mic night to the next level and get the best local talent to come perform their stand-up. Getting a well-versed comic to come and MC a night like this would draw in newcomers that are looking to perfect the craft and speak to one of the greats. A budding talent with lots of experience like Tony Baker would be great for the local bar or club scene.


Weddings can often follow the same formula, and usually include a DJ or band for the crowd to dance to. While dancing is one of the highlights of a wedding, it’s not the only live entertainment that you should look into. If you’re not interested in a typical dance-all-night wedding, a comedian would be the perfect addition to make the night one-of-a-kind. Get someone more family friendly for your wedding, so adults and children alike will be entertained.


If you want to throw the party of the century, you should make it unique, unlike any other you’ve attended. Be the host with the most and hire a Stand Up Comedian for your next big get-together, such as a New Year’s Eve party. Your guests will want to mingle with each other and make friends with guests who they are unfamiliar with, and a comedian can be a great way to break the ice with strangers. Get the crowd rolling with laughter and hire someone who will suit the mood. If it’s an adult party, find yourself someone with a dark but hilarious sense of humor. If it’s a family party, you can easily find someone who can keep the kids entertained with juggling and magic tricks as well. The most important thing is to know your audience and what will get everyone in the mood to have a great time.

Written by Anna C.

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