7 Tips To Spend More Quality Time With The Kids

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Family life can be pretty hectic, and many parents find it a juggling act especially when there may not be enough quality time with the kids. Balancing working, raising kids, running errands, and managing a home can leave very little time for much else. Amid all the chaos of family life, it can feel like the days, weeks, and months are flying by much faster than you like.

In the blink of an eye, it can seem like your sweet baby has grown into an independent teenager. As time passes so fast and there is always so much to do, it often feels like there is never enough time to pause and enjoy life as a parent. 

Are you keen to spend more time with your kids without the hustle and bustle of family life causing a distraction?

Taking time to bond without the stress of homework that needs to be completed and errands that need to be run is an excellent way to spending quality time with the kids count. Focusing on enjoying each other’s company is a perfect way to slow life down and make the most of being together. If you want more quality time with your kids but are unsure how to make it count, why not give some of these ideas a try?

Family life can be pretty hectic and many parents find it to be a juggling act especially when there may not be enough quality time with the kids.
Photo by Daria Obymaha from Pexels

Create Dedicated Family Time

Sometimes the only way to fit quality time with the kids into your family’s schedule is to plan it. Setting aside a specific time each week that you and the kids get together for some fun is a valuable way to ensure your family time happens. Make sure that everyone in the family knows to keep this dedicated time free so nothing stands in the way of you and the kids spending a few hours having fun as a family.

Spend Time With Your Kids Individually

Every parent with more than one kid knows sibling rivalry is not merely a cliché; it is alive and well and exists in most homes across the country. Setting aside time to spend with each of your kids individually is a helpful way to ensure everyone enjoys their quality time without it being full of arguments. 

Learn Together

There is nothing like learning a new skill to put you and your kids on the same level. As a parent, you are the one continually telling your kids what to do (and what not to do!), so being in a situation where you are all learning at the same time is a novel opportunity. Your kids will love to see you trying something new, and when it is something neither of you has tried before, it makes it all the more exciting for your kids. Trying something for the first time is an excellent bonding opportunity and a positive experience.

If you fancy learning something new together, you will find endless possibilities. Perhaps you could take up martial arts, learn to kayak, or even take pottery classes. The activity itself does not matter so much; what matters is the quality time with the kids while acquiring your new skills.

Let Them Choose

One major complaint that most kids have about their parents is that they get no say in what happens in their lives. Feeling listened to and having their opinion treated seriously is crucial to a child’s confidence, but it is often overlooked. Letting your kids choose how you spend quality time with the kids may seem like a bad idea, but it can help them see that their choices are respected.

Your child is also likely to be far more enthusiastic about spending time with you if they get to choose the activity. If your kids are tweens or teenagers, your idea of fun may be very different from theirs, and your suggestions may be met with an eye roll or two!

Take an Interest 

Paying attention to your child’s hobbies and interests is an excellent way to be more involved in their life. Spending quality time with the kids and doing things that they love will enable you to demonstrate that you have time for them and want to know more about the things that matter in their life. 

There are loads of ways to be involved with your child’s interest, but it is helpful to let them take the lead and join in when invited. Maybe they are crazy about sport and want to talk to you about College Football’s Greatest Upsets, or they are really into music and want to play you their favorite band’s new track. When your child shares their interest with you, this is a perfect opportunity to start a conversation and engage them. You may find that their interest is something that you enjoy and want to do together.

Get creative and spend some quality time with the kids.
Image by Evgeni Tcherkasski from Pixabay

Get Creative

If your stress levels are running high and you feel a long way from your best, then canceling quality time with the kids may seem like the best solution. But, choosing the right activity can make all the difference and positively influence your mood. Carrying out creative activities together can be beneficial for your mental health in the short term.

When you engage with a creative activity, you may enter a flow state which enables you to stay focused on your task. While you are in the zone, you may not notice your thoughts as you will be so immersed in what you are doing. Engaging in activities that put you into a flow state of mind or ‘the zone’ is excellent for both you and the kids. Whether you choose to paint, draw, sew, or knit, each of these activities enables you to be creative alongside your kids and bring a sense of calm and focus to your day.

Have Fun

Hopefully, the ideas mentioned above have helped inspire you with plenty of ways to spend quality time with your kids. Whether you watch a movie, discuss their interests, or get creative, there are so many ways you can enjoy time with the kids. But, the crucial thing to remember is family time should be fun, a positive experience that you enjoy together.

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