Keep Anxiety in Cats to a Minimum While Moving

I’ve talked about moving into our new home a lot in the past year, but when I haven’t talked about yet, was the anxiety in cats we dealt with. When we were moving into our home, there was a TON of hustle & bustle since we pretty much had to move quicker than we anticipated…

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10 Tips to Getting Along with Critical People & Save Your Sanity

Critics are everywhere. No matter what you do, say, act, dress, or even breathe. Someone is going to criticize you. In the blogging world, it’s like Mean Girls on steroids sometimes. You have to have white walls, perfect furniture, fur blankets thrown perfectly on the couches, pets are the perfect weight, breed, and colors, makeup…

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How Has The Technology We Use Daily Evolved Over the Years?

It’s really hard to believe that a long time ago when the internet wasn’t born yet (that was like billions of years ago, right?) the only technology that we were able to use is abacus, our fingers, old-fashioned cameras and etc. Technology evolved at such a rapid pace, that some of us are having such…

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