The Right Way to Go About Homeschooling Your Child

So, over the past couple of months, I have stumbled on the wonderful life of “homeschooling your child”! Now let me say this first and foremost… I SUCK at “educating” my son. I’m not the “strict, chalkboard, listen, shut up, learn, repeat” parent that I thought I was going to be. NOPE! I’m far from…

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Turn Your Outdoor Space a Real Destination

It’s getting closer to summer and no one likes to stay inside all day. I know in the past I’ve always yelled at the kids to get outside and enjoy the weather as we enjoy our cozy outdoor space.   When you think outdoor space, what do you think of? Fire pit? Lounge Chairs? Picnic Table?…

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We Need To Understand & Learn About Mental Health Issues and Suicides

In just 2-3 short days we lost 2 very well known, iconic celebs to Mental Health Issues and Suicides. Kate Spade & Anthony Bourdain Over the past couple days, I’ve been reeling in the reality of their deaths. Their tragic life-altering deaths. Not for us, as their admirers, but their families.  This made me really start…

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