Become the Best Caregiver for Elderly Parents With a Plan

It’s hard to believe that 3 years ago, we were building the ramp for my mom’s home so when she left the nursing home, she’d be able to get in and out of her home easier. Unfortunately, she never was able to enjoy the ramp. Making small changes to the home was something my brother…

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Purchase or Lease? Which Is Best for You When Buying a New Vehicle?

Purchasing a new car is always an exciting time in life; however, it can also be confusing and time confusing, especially with so diverse types of financing options available. In February 2017, my husband and I leased our first brand new vehicle. At the time it was the best option for us because we literally…

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3 Important Daily Rituals an Entrepreneur Does For Success

Ever wonder what goes inside a busy day of an entrepreneur living up to their entrepreneurial functions and activities? Basically, a lot. The very first thing that would enter their mind when he wakes up in the morning is how to show efficiency and effectiveness to the client the benefit of their presentation. Then he…

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