Quality Lawn Care Without Backbreaking Labor

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We Haven't Mowed Our Lawn in 2 Months and It's GREAT!

Quality lawn care is one thing my husband took major pride in when we first moved into our home. My husband was mowing our grass & edging, pulling weeds and all of that awesome yard maintenance every Saturday. That was all after working 40hrs doing that at work since he works in the groundskeeping department at a local retirement village. Our yard was looking great, but it was tiresome.

I can't do much yard work with my hands getting as bad as they are, while I do help with pulling weeds and such. I couldn't mow the grass though, the vibration from the lawnmower, hurt my hands, but I still wanted to help my husband achieve quality lawn care around our home.

Quality Lawn Care - Relaxing on the Front Porch

It was the one thing I couldn't wait to do when we moved in, now I can't, so I had to figure out how I could help without hindering the process. Not only does my husband work in lawn care, but so did my brother so having a nicely manicured lawn is a necessity.

We won't talk about how bad our flower beds are right now…. the rain we had for like 2 weeks straight a few weeks ago made my weeds grow into monstrous scary things. Those are being taken care of this weekend though. I can't take it anymore.

We partnered up with Husqvarna & My Robo Lawn to install one of their latest AutoMower systems on our property at the end of May. Since then, the only thing we've had to do is edging around the flower gardens, veggie garden, around trees, and by the street. Which takes about 80% less time than it used to with mowing the grass and edging. Having a system that will give us quality lawn care, for years to come.

Did you know that when you mow your grass on a regular basis, it will grow in thicker and essentially crowd out the ability for weeds to grow?

Neither did I until I talked with Todd from Cardinal Power Sales who is an installer for their MyRoboLawn division, specializing in Husqvarna AutoMowers. When Todd came to install our Automower, he was educating me on how the Automowers essentially cut the grass and mulch it to help it grow in thicker and since it runs daily, there are less clippings thrown all over the place which means they are staying in the yard.

When it comes to Quality Lawn Care, it's definitely worth it to be picky

Whether you're picking out a push mower, riding mower, or a Husqvarna Automower, you definitely have the right to be picky, weigh your pros & cons and go with the best fit for your needs for quality lawn care. For us, having less than a 1/2 acre, having an auto mower is perfect. My husband is in groundskeeping, so the last thing he wants to do is come home and mow the grass, or supervise one of the boys as they mow.

Quality Lawn Care - Husqvarna My Robo Lawn Install

What I love most about the Husqvarna Automower, is that there is no gas or oil. The only thing you really need to keep up on is the blades. When Todd was installing our system, he went over everything. We walked around the perimeter of our property, I let him know where we didn't want the mower going (our parking spaces & our veggie garden) and he and his co-worker set out to do what they do. It was so cool watching them install the boundary wire.

Quality Lawn Care Without Backbreaking Labor

The machine they used was like a drill that cut a line in our grass or across our walkways (super thin line like barely 1/4″ wide) and then automatically pushed the boundary wire in place. It was so seamless, I almost didn't realize where they installed the wire.

Quality Lawn Care - Husqvarna My Robo Lawn Install 5

The initial install took about 2 1/2-3 hours. THAT's IT!

Other than the occasional grinding of the sidewalks & walkways. I didn't hear them at all. Todd walked me through the app, how to override codes if our mower got stuck on something or tipped on uneven ground, or even went beyond the boundary wire. You get notifications on your smartphone if anything has happened to your Automower. You can also check and see in app where it's located, where all it has been on your property, etc.

Btw, My Automower works with my “Smart Home” technology apps like Alexa, Google Home, etc. I can just tell Alexa to send “Husky” out and she'll send him out to give us that quality lawn care he loves to provide us with. We can also have her bring him “home” and she'll send a signal to have him go back to his charging base.

Todd and his associate had to show me where the line was. Boy was I glad too, a month after we had our Automower installed, we had HORRIBLE rain. I stopped it for a while because of the rain and my husband accidentally cut one of the lines with his vehicle's tires. Todd came right out (on his day off too!) and fixed it right up in less than 10 minutes and we were up and achieving that quality lawn care.

Make sure everyone in your household knows where your boundary wires are. That way things like posts, shovels, axes, etc don't accidentally cut the wire. No worries if they do though, the installers are freakin' amazing just like Todd. They will repair it for you and have you back on your way.

What are the benefits of having a Husqvarna AutoMower….besides quality lawn care?

  • Clips rather than cuts. Fine clippings fertilize naturally. Smart working time based on grass growth rate.
  • Blades stop immediately if unit is lifted. Gently moves around yard. Non-fixed blades.
  • Smartphone-viewable GPS. PIN code activation. Anti-theft alarm (this thing is loud. Todd had me test it… OMG I was like I do NOT want that thing going off at 2am)
  • Easily installed boundary wire. Stays within pre-defined area. Returns to charger on own
  • Far quieter than traditional mowers. Won’t disturb the neighbors (My neighbors always come over when it's running and ask if it's actually doing something because they can't hear it). Can be set to run at night
  • Works in wet and rainy conditions. Returns to station as needed. Weather resistant. (It is advisable to make it stay in it's home if there is heavy rains for long periods of time.)
  • Handles slopes up to 24°. Large driving wheels. Won’t scalp hills
  • Total convenience. Works with smart home technology such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home and IFTTT applets
  • Authorized dealer support. Dedicated customer phone support line. Speak with experts via Real Time Messaging (RTM) Chat.

Interested in seeing what Automower you need to have that quality lawn care, without the sweat?

Head over to Husqvarna's Website and check out the Lawn Calculator. You just enter your address & it will calculate the correct automower for your property. It may even suggest multiple mowers if you have a larger property or have a lot of obstacles such as trees, pools, ponds, etc.

Quality Lawn Care - Husqvarna Automower PN

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