Prepare for Winter Using These 7 Important Tips

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If you have had to spend an arm and a leg on keeping your home warm during a cold season, you know it is pretty important to figure out any way you can in order to prepare for winter. Living in Ohio it can be a challenge to keeping our 130yr old home warm in the winter months.

Since we do not have any ductwork throughout the walls of our home and only in our cellar distributing through the first floor, we must be a little bit more inventive when it comes to getting warmth to the second floor.

That’s where budgeting our finances comes into play, it really helps when you have a handle on your utilities. One easy way is to figure out how to prepare for winter during the winter months. It tends to be the time of year that finances seem to be the slimmest with all the holidays happening at the same time.


There are so many ways to prepare for winter costs and save heat during the winter or colder seasons, you just must have the knowledge handy to be able to do so. Here are some tips and tricks to reduce the heating bill that can help you spend less next winter.

Cold Weather Clothes

The easiest tip is to get some cold weather clothes for you and other household members. It costs a bunch less to warm yourself or dress for colder weather than it does to heat your house to a high temperature in cold winters. You can also just dress in layers to keep your body heat in, which can make a big difference in how much heat you need since you feel warmer. 

Open Curtains in The Day

If your house gets sunlight during the day, you are missing some useful solar heat. Open your curtains during the daytime when you are getting good sunlight to let the solar energy heat your home some which will help to prepare for winter. It is an effective strategy for many areas and homes, and it can help make a small difference at least. 

If you have had to spend an arm and a leg on keeping your home warm, you know it is pretty important to figure out a way you can in order to prepare for winter.

Check Vents and Fireplaces

Your fireplace damper and vents can make a big difference in how much heat you are getting from what you are paying for. Make sure vents are cleaned and clear from blockage to deliver the best and most direct heat, and the fireplace damper should be shut when it is not in use. You would be surprised how much of a difference small actions like this make. 

Talk to the Professionals

Professionals can be incredibly helpful for your heating use and efficiency. You can get an audit to figure out where you can improve on heating usage, talk to other heating companies or your company to get a better rate, have someone make sure your heating unit or furnace is running at its best, and much more. It might cost you a little, but it could also save you some money too. 

Prepare Your Home Early

Things like putting insulating devices on windows, insulating doors and doorways, having warm blankets, putting down rugs, and much more can help prepare your home a lot. You can often prepare your house before the cold season hits so that you are better prepared to save heat and energy during the heating season. 

Image by Colin Behrens from Pixabay

Save Electricity

Turn off the lights, that's the saying that electric companies say a lot right? Often our electric bills also increase alongside heating seasons, especially if your heating is electric too. You can save yourself some money in multiple bills by working to save and better consumer electricity in the winter as well. Things like getting energy-efficient bulbs, using natural light when possible, and other electric conservation tricks can help. 

Talk to Your Electric or Gas Company

This year we qualified for having our furnace and water tank upgraded through the WarmChoice program here in Ohio. They are also coming and insulating our home. With these upgrades to our home, we will end up saving more money by keeping our home warm in the winter and cooler in the summer. You can check with your utility company or your local job and family services to see if you qualify to have something like this done. Even if you do not qualify for a free install or cheap energy rates, you may be able to qualify for a discounted install.

If you have had to spend an arm and a leg on keeping your home warm, you know it is pretty important to figure out a way you can in order to prepare for winter.

While these are not the only ways you can cut back your heating bill, they are a great start and can help with many different types of households. It is not probable to cut your heating bill entirely, but it is incredibly possible to at least bring that down some so you are able to have a better budget in the cold seasons. These tips are especially helpful for those that have incredibly cold winters that can make heating cost an extremely high amount of money.

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