Quickly Start Marketing Your Blog in 5 Easy Steps

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Want more readers to discover your blog? Just like promoting a business, you need a strategy for marketing your blog. Below are just some of the best ways to market your blog so that you get more traffic. 

When I first started blogging 7+ years ago. I wish I would have known then what I know now. I started off thinking I knew what I needed to do, but I was way off. I listened to way too many people who told me the wrong information. So now, I am having to go back and fix how I am getting traffic to my blog. This is why I want to help you start marketing your blog the right way, quickly.

Quickly Start Marketing Your Blog in 5 Easy Steps

Share your blog posts on social media

Social media is a great place to attract new readers. By sharing your posts on social media and using relevant keywords and hashtags, you can encourage social media users to stumble across your content.

Just like any business, you need a strategy for marketing your blog. Below are just some of the best ways to market your blog so that you get more traffic
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Start by setting up social media pages for your blog. Then, whenever you publish a new post, make it a habit of sharing it on your social media pages. You can also reshare old posts. You don’t even have to manually share posts – some plug-ins and tools can automatically share your content to social media the moment it is published. 

Make sure to also add social media buttons to your blog. This allows new readers to follow you on social media and keep up to date with new content and is a super-easy way to go about marketing your blog without doing much work.

Set up an email mailing list

Setting up an email mailing list can be a great way of building loyal readers and marketing your blog. You can add a pop-up to your blog encouraging readers to join your mailing list. Every time you publish a new post, you can then share it with your mailing list subscribers via email. This ensures your subscribers never miss a post. 

There are bulk emailing programs that you can use to help build and manage your mailing list. These programs can be set up to automatically email new posts to your subscribers the moment that they are published. 

Spend money on PPC ads

PPC ads are the online ads you’ll find all across the internet. ‘PPC’ stands for “pay-per-click” – you pay for your campaign to run until a certain number of people click on your ads. These ads could be display ads, search engine ads, or video ads. 

You can set up your own PPC campaigns or you can hire a PPC management company to manage campaigns for you. In each campaign, you can set certain parameters that can determine who your advert will be targeted at – helping you make sure that your ads reach the right people.

Just like any business, you need a strategy for marketing your blog. Below are just some of the best ways to market your blog so that you get more traffic

Spend money on boosted social media posts

As mentioned earlier, you may be able to gain some new readers organically simply by sharing your content on social media and letting people stumble across it. However, a much more effective method is to use the boost button on social media posts. This allows you to pay for your post to display as a sponsored post for a certain amount of time, helping you to reach out to strangers that might not otherwise have seen your social media post.

 Like an advert, you get to set the parameters allowing you to target your post at a specific audience. You can boost posts yourself or pay a social media marketing company to run a campaign for you.

Consider SEO knowledge

SEO stands for ‘search engine optimization. It’s a marketing strategy that can help to boost the rankings of your blog. This means that when people enter specific search terms on Google or Bing, your blog is more likely to display at the top of the listings.

You can do some of your own SEO by incorporating keywords into your posts. However, if you want to seriously improve your rankings, you’re better off paying an SEO agency. Such agencies can use a variety of methods to help increase the rankings of specific pages on your blog. 

Written by Anna C.

I am a wife and mother of two sons. We live in Rural Northeast Ohio with our 2 cats, 2 dogs & many fish. I love all things Supernatural, Harry Potter, elephants, sunflowers, crystals, occult, crafting, coffee, wine, and online shopping. Have a TikTok, PokemonGo & Elder Scrolls addiction, I've always loved plants, recently I became a houseplant mom, and am currently growing over 15 varieties in our home! Now if I could get my outside gardens to flourish I will be happy. When I'm not tending to the home, pets, plants, or hanging out on the couch catching up on my shows, I'm doing some type of crafting or DIY project. (Or I'm pestering my husband in the barn.)

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