5 Practical Skills That Kids Need For Success

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Nobody is perfect. We all start life with a long list of skills we haven’t mastered, some of which are not so practical skills, others are extremely practical. It’s not uncommon for adults to have plenty of stories about the skills they’ve learned out of necessity.

Do you remember that time when you first moved in to your first apartment and you discovered you had a leaking pipe?

Learning a practical skill that can help in a situation such as a leaking pipe, changing a tire, or even the oil, they are all important skills that everyone should learn how to do, no matter the income level.

Or that time when you sat down in front of your last ramen noodle pack, wondering how to make it last until the next payday?

Learning practical skills can help in any number of situations.
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We all face challenges that make us stronger and teach us new lessons. But wouldn’t things be a lot easier if our schools could prepare future generations for the challenges of adult life? 

You can’t get a job without coding

We’ve got a tool for everything. If you work in an office, you probably use digital tools for your day-to-day tasks, whether you are a marketer or an accountant. Therefore, it would seem only fair to have a basic grasp of how tools work. Not that everyone should become a programmer, but learning how to do and read essential code can be a game-changer when your software solution freezes!

So this begs the question of whether schools should teach kids how to code as one of the practical skills it offers. It turns out that there are already elementary school Typing programs available with an introduction to code languages alongside curriculum lessons and exercises. 

Why is saving money so hard?

The answer is simple: Because nobody has taught you one of the basic practical skills that you will carry through life. A lot of young adults experience their first budgeting hurdle as they go to college or start their first job. Until then, most had no knowledge of managing a budget and cutting costs. Simple strategies such as figuring out ways of saving on your grocery bills or comparing car insurers can be life-changing when you’re working with a limited budget.

Therefore, it would appear essential for schools to introduce kids to the art of budgeting. Nobody needs to discover how to save money as they’re already facing student loan debts! As parents though, we cannot always rely on the schools to educate our children on the most practical skills such as budgeting. It is our job to step up and make sure we are doing our job as well.

Learning practical skills can help in any number of situations.

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Holding Meaningful Conversations

Smileys, GIFs, and emojis are some of the most commonly used signs in an online conversation. We may think of them as unnecessary flourishing that exists aside from words, but in truth, they are becoming a language of their own. Indeed, emojis can convey meaning and emotions with the same diversity and effectiveness as words. As 92% of people are using emojis daily, it would be foolish to ignore the potential of this new pictogram language.

Most kids are used to finding the right imagery, as the emoji keyboard is a natural extension to their practical skills in communicating with anyone. Nevertheless, there’s a lot to gain in introducing an emoji lesson at school. However, it needs to be established that emoji, GIFs, Smileys, etc are not the end-all for communication.

We can’t ignore DIY skills

A tragic discovery: Young adults lack DIY skills. From assembling flat-pack furniture to operating a smart TV, the practical skills that young adults don’t include traditional DIY skills such as repairing a leak or using a power tool. If we don’t offer kids a safe platform to learn how to handle and use simple tools, we encourage them to fail at practical tasks in later life. 

Will our kids ever know all the things they need to face the uncertainty of the future? Of course not! But we can ensure they have at least all the skills today’s adults need. Anything else, they can learn as they go, as we did!


Many people are born with this skill, others, need help learning it. In my opinion, it's one of the most needed and practical skills that everyone needs to learn. So many people lack empathy or understanding of other people's situations so it is really important that kids young on up to teenagers understand how crucial empathy plays into day to day living.

When you have empathy, you are able to step out of your own shoes and into theirs so you can truly understand what it means to be them. It is not to be confused with pity or kindness, nor is it to be confused with “The Golden Rule” (Do unto others as you want to be done unto you). Being considerate of other people's feelings, emotions, and lives are just one of the basic skills you can have when working or living with others.

Written by Anna C.

I am a wife and mother of two sons. We live in Rural Northeast Ohio with our 2 cats, 2 dogs & many fish. I love all things Supernatural, Harry Potter, elephants, sunflowers, crystals, occult, crafting, coffee, wine, and online shopping. Have a TikTok, PokemonGo & Elder Scrolls addiction, I've always loved plants, recently I became a houseplant mom, and am currently growing over 15 varieties in our home! Now if I could get my outside gardens to flourish I will be happy. When I'm not tending to the home, pets, plants, or hanging out on the couch catching up on my shows, I'm doing some type of crafting or DIY project. (Or I'm pestering my husband in the barn.)

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