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If you are running an offline business and are using your website as an additional tool for promoting and selling physical products or providing services, you have probably thought about making the whole process easier for your customers.

One way to help your customers and guide them through the buying process is using Online Live Chat Support on your website.

We marketers, always seek ways to please our customers and make them feel they are special. But what managers look for are figures saying increased sales, increased profits.

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So how can Online Live Chat Support Customers & bring me increased sales?

The short answer to this question:

By taking care of your current and potential customers and website visitors by providing them with an exceptional level of customer service you are building the fundamentals for long-term relationships and repeated sales.

The long answer to the question would probably include the broader perspective and would include the question:

Which functionalities in the Live Chat Support Software can help me increase my sales?

  1. The basic functionality of chatting with online customers can help you on several levels:
    • By allowing you a direct and real opportunity to assist visitors to make their purchase decisions by answering any type of questions and dealing with any concern they might have during their decision process.
    • Your website can’t customize your offers to each customer but your employees can! By chatting with customers through your website, they can offer volume discounts, offer not-standardized products or even get orders to produce completely new products and up-sell on various products will boost your customer success ratings.
  2. The other functionality is the ability to monitor your visitors. By monitoring your customers, you can see how many visitors you have at any time, which product pages are they visiting and how long are they staying on each of them. Using the generated reports from all those data, you can make plans for re-designing your website to make it easier for them to find certain products or information.
    • For example, if you see that some of your products are very popular, you can put links to them from the home page. Then, if you see that most of your customers view, for example, the ‘red collection’ of your products, then you can put the red one as the default picture and know it’s going to benefit you. It’s that easy!
    • Not only can online sales be increased, you can also use the opportunity to inform visitors about the location of the physical stores of your stores, about special discounts in them or new collections added and thus increase your sales in stores.
  3. A very useful tool is customer success software. Just imagine what will your customer think when you will greet and offer assistance to them when they come to your website? If this effort seems too much, you can see if some of them are staying longer on some page and offer customized support. That way, you build your way to increased sales numbers and higher revenues
  4. The last point is the availability of the operators support by itself. No matter if your visitors want to talk to you, the fact that the operator is available provides more credibility and improves the overall picture of your company in the eyes of the visitor. That also leads to increased sales and greater credibility. So having the optimal customer success platform is extremely important.

The most important point here is that if you look long-term, you can create the ultimate experience for your online customers just by getting data about their journeys through your website and carefully listening to their feedback (from your conversations with them).

How to Please Your Customers

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