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I know I'm a little late to the “What's new for….. in 2018” game. But I figured I'd still post anyway!


What I have Planned in 2018 for you on Life with Anna - PersonalPhoto

Word to the wise, built in cameras on your laptops isn't exactly the greatest!

So far this year:

  1. I started homeschooling (through K12 and Ohio Virtual Academy) our youngest.
  2. Started the KETO way of eating (some people call it a diet, I don't because no one likes diets)
  3. Made a plan to show my husband more affection and appreciation
  4. Tried not to cry at everything since I have a child turning 18 this year.
  5. Have things scheduled through March on the blog (even though the posts are nowhere NEAR being done)
  6. Fixed a few things on the blog to help it run faster and more user-friendly for you guys!

You'll see more homeschooling projects and talk on here and my blog. I haven't really seen many Jr High to High School homeschooling projects or activities, so I'm hoping to get at least one article up every other week (more if I can swing it). If you're in the North East Ohio I am going to talk about awesome events that are for homeschoolers.What I have Planned in 2018 for you on Life with Anna - DeskPhoto

Also, keep an eye out for lots of recipes. I started doing a “Lazy Keto” way of eating before the holidays and already dropped about 5-10 lbs (gained a few then lost again around the 2 holidays) and now Keto Way of Eating is in full force in my home for my husband and me.

You might even catch a few craft projects that include my Cricut Explore Air also on the blog… Some of these projects will be tutorials to show you the different project you can do with your Cricut. How to use the Design Space and also how to use Illustrator or Photoshop along with your Cricut Design Space.

I'm also trying to get more videos up on YouTube. I want to do more gaming posts, crafting, unboxing videos and more. I also have a few plans for tutorials for some blogging tools that I use and the most effective way to use them.

What I have Planned in 2018 for you on Life with Anna - FP

So what do I have planned for my readers on the Blog?

  • More posts that talk about mental health and how to cope with it.
  • More parenting topics about raising teen boys.
  • Hopefully, I can talk about some gaming on here also. (My latest addiction is Elder Scrolls Online… so maybe I'll talk a little about that first)
  • Crafting, DIY projects and other stuff that falls in these categories. I want to do more Cricut projects so I'm going to be putting those on the blog.
  • Different traditions throughout the year. Holidays, everyday traditions, etc.
  • Finances. Since we're STILL trying to save up the money to buy a house, you'll hear me talk about finances a lot.
  • Recipes, I guess I could mix in some Keto and Non-Keto recipes for those who don't follow Keto.

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