Easy Patriotic Pinecone Flower Craft Project

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I no longer have little ones in our home, so any of the cute craft projects, much less any patriotic craft project, I want to do, I have to do them on my own anymore! Having boys also eliminates the desire to do any type of craft project anymore. They did them all of the time with me when they were younger, but now, pfft, it's like pulling teeth.

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Recently, I've been honoring my mom a lot on our front porch. We've been decorating it in red, white, and blue, not just because we live in America and the Fourth of July is coming up soon, but because my mom was born on July 4th and I want to give a little nod to her memory. She always decorated the outside of her home with tons of Americana decorations. When she passed away I inherited a lot of her belongings and the family went to my brother and his growing family.

I've been getting a real kick out of crafting lately though. I've been putting a lot of flower projects together. A friend of mine AnnMarie really inspired me to do more craft projects lately with her beautiful umbrella flower front door wreath. I created a different variation using boots, but pretty much followed the same steps she did. So head over and check her project out. The only thing I did differently, was that I had to use zip ties to keep the boots together since E6000 & hot glue didn't work and I used flower wire for a hanger.

I'm currently working on restoring a 1975 camper, turning a vintage vanity into 2 bedside tables, updating our firepit seating area with pallets, and probably about 100 other projects. My husband says I need to stop adding projects until I finish the ones I have going on right now, but I say as long as we have projects to do, we'll never be bored, right?

This project is the cutest project that is so easy to do. If you don't have little ones, you could EASILY do this yourself for outdoor decorations or even on the picnic table during your patriotic festivities.

Easy Patriotic Pinecone Flower Craft Project

Yield: 8

Patriotic Pinecone Flowers

I no longer have little ones in our home, so any of the cute craft projects, much less any patriotic craft project, I want to do, I have to do them by myself.

Fun easy craft project to show your patriotic pride.

Active Time 30 minutes
Additional Time 4 hours
Total Time 4 hours 30 minutes
Difficulty easy


  • 8 Pinecones, smallround fat pinecones work best
  • 1 bottle Paint , Red (Spray or Acrylic)
  • 1 bottle Paint, Blue (Spray or Acrylic)
  • 1 bottle Paint, White (Spray or Acrylic)
  • 1 bottle Paint, Yellow (Spray or Acrylic)
  • 8 Skewers, 12" in length


  • Wire cutters or Shears
  • Paint Brush


    1. With your wire cutter or shears, cut the pointy end of your pinecone about 3 layers. You can cut even more layers if you want different sizes. If you have a flat-based pinecone you can move on to the next step. However, if it isn’t, then cut out the centerpiece leaving a flat interior.
    2. Now it’s time to paint your flower. Spray paints are a lot faster, but be sure that you are using them in a well-ventilated area and that you’re protecting surfaces. If you’d prefer to use acrylic paint and paint palettes, then you can also do that. Paint your pinecones with the red, white, and blue paint and dry according to the directions on the can.
    3. Once dried, get your yellow paint and palette and paint the stamens or disk florets (the middle of the flower) and set aside once again to dry.
    4. Once the paint on your pinecone has completely dried, turn your pinecone over, and with your glue gun add a generous amount of glue to the bottom/center of your pinecone. Place a skewer into the glue and hold for about 2-3 minutes until the glue completely dries
    5. Your pinecone is now complete. Simply add them to a vase and use it as decor. I no longer have little ones in our home, so any of the cute craft projects, much less any patriotic craft project, I want to do, I have to do them by myself.

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