Parents, Have Some Fun – You Need It Sometimes

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Parents, have some fun. Seriously, sometimes you just need to close the laptop, take that vacation day, put your cell phone on vibrate or silent and just live in the now.

We all hope to become the best possible parents, the best possible employees or business owners, best possible partners, all while we care for our mental and physical health – we have a lot on our plate.

Parents have some fun - stressed at work

We often forget to be the best possible person for ourselves. We start becoming aggressively serious, even possibly more anxious than what we need to be. We forget things, often the important things we need to remember, have sleeping disorders and possibly eating disorders as well.

None of which is good for our soul

While all of us have plenty to achieve each day, our own worries, our own disappointments and our own victories, being unable to divert some of this stress towards a healthier pursuit can lead you to feel very oppressed and unable to move forward.

Parents, Have Some Fun – You Need It Sometimes

Parents, have some fun, come on, when was the last time you had some? When was the last time you got out of the house and enjoyed yourself, with or without the kids? This is so important that it’s actually your solemn duty to learn how to enjoy yourself once more.

My husband and I have been getting away for at least a few hours every other weekend over the past couple months. It's helped us reconnect as best friends and as a couple. We have gone apple picking, or just walking around a craft bazaar, or just out in nature to take photos and enjoy the weather.

Mostly, we just get out of the house and enjoy each other's company. Since I work inside of the home, I'm literally home 24/7. He's outside majority of his day since he's a groundskeeper. So we trying to find a middle ground. He's an outdoorsy type, so he doesn't complain about being outside. I love learning about different critters, birds, and plants as that's kind of his thing.

Getting out, having a little fun can help you avoid burning out, feeling ungrateful, or only focusing on your tasks rather than your daily lived experience.

Delve Deep Into Appreciating A Craft

Load image into gallery viewer, beginner course

When delving deep into a craft, you give yourself permission to focus on something outside of your daily set of responsibilities, but stay engaged, learning, and applying your energies into something that will always return back to you. It might be painting, it might be writing, it could be something such as yoga or another physical activity.

A practical skill, such as crafts or woodworking might also apply, depending on your interest. Simply finding something constructive to learn can be the most important means of shedding stressing a healthy manner, and you’re sure to figure out that in this manner.

Get A Little Silly

Roald Dahl, children’s author, once famously said ‘A little nonsense now and then, is relished by the wisest men.’ This can be a great means for you to have fun. Paint silly figures with your children. Dance with them to fun silly songs. Invest in enjoying a holiday such as Halloween or Christmas this year, depending on your cultural wishes.

Parents have some fun - playdough
Something I used to do with my sons when they were little was play with playdough. We would make silly shapes, act like we were eating the “food” and more. We had fun.

Do something just for the sake of it, such as joining a few dance lessons with your friends. Get a little silly. We often lose this as children, but that doesn’t mean this process is any less important to our souls. You’re sure to find that out with care.

Find Some Escapism

A little escape for the day or weekend can be a good thing. Heading with a friend to sample the best wines may motivate you to learn more today about those options, or perhaps purchasing a series of books about astrology and learning the ins and outs of that could be interesting. You could learn how well Virgo and Pisces match, learn to read tarot cards or see what the future holds for you in other ways. Meanwhile, downloading a few podcasts and getting stuck in at home with a scented candle can do the trick. Trust me, kids love it when parents have some fun, which means you'll come back less stressed and happier.

Sometimes an escape, a little fun outside of the norm and the willingness to have fun are not things you should feel worried about. Quite the contrary, they can be thoroughly rewarding.

So Again, parents, have some fun. Get the heck out of the house, play the video games, or just take a stroll around the neighborhood with the family. But you have to have a little fun. It's mandatory.

Parents have some fun - pn

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