Teens First Trip Alone? 5 Parental Tips To Easily Prepare

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I remember when our youngest son was going to visit his bio-dad in Florida for the first time in 10 years. I stressed so much to make sure that he had everything he needed because I would not be able to run out and any little thing he needed. It was his first trip alone and I wanted to be sure he had everything and he felt prepared enough to not need anything.

Everyone needs to grow up, so here are some useful tips that will help you prepare both your teen and yourself for their first trip alone.
On his way for the first time to Florida

The teenage period can be quite turbulent both for teens and parents alike. Teens may feel suffocated by their parent’s desire to keep them safe, while parents are dealing with the fact that their little ones are, in fact, growing up. Therefore, it’s not uncommon to have disagreements with one another, as long as there’s always a mutual understanding and cooperation going on

Teens First Trip Alone? 5 Parental Tips To Easily Prepare

Letting your teen travel without you can be difficult for parents, especially if the teens have been coddled as children, due to various reasons. But, everyone needs to grow up, so for that reason, here are some kind and useful tips that will help you prepare both your teen and yourself for their first trip alone. 

Make sure that they’re traveling to a safe destination 

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many destinations closed their borders to foreign visitors. And even though certain countries are starting to allow others in, it’s still important to make sure that the destination of choice is safe for your teen. Aside from the current situation with the pandemic, make sure to do the research regarding the crime rates, traffic safety, and most importantly, the attitude of locals toward foreign visitors. 

Help them pack properly 

Packing is often the most nerve-wracking part of every trip, and if your teen is old enough to travel alone, then they’re also old enough to pack by themself. But, be sure to assist them, especially if it’s their first long trip. Also, before you start with preparation, it’s important to learn about the local climate and to check the weather forecast for the duration of your teen’s stay there. So, packing different types of clothes is a good idea, especially if they’re staying in a hotel that has a pool, or if they plan to visit the beach. Depending on the nature of their stay, they should have a wide variety of clothes suitable for different occasions. 

Sort out the accommodation 

Sending your teen on their first trip alone can be stressful, especially if you’re not used to that type of separation. However, kids need to grow up, and traveling to a more distant country is a perfect opportunity for them to examine their independence and learn to take care of themself. If the purpose of their travel is to study abroad or learn a new language, then it’s important to sort out the accommodation that offers a wide variety of facilities.

Hong Kong is a popular destination for international students and volunteers due to its cosmopolitan atmosphere and several opportunities. However, it’s still important to find a safe service apartment in Hong Kong, so your teen will have enough resources to have a pleasant experience. Keep in mind that many such apartments are fully equipped, so there’s no need to pack anything extra. 

Establish communication rules 

Every worrying parent tends to spend time by the phone when their teen is away on a trip. But, it’s also crucial to give them space to learn and meet new people. Balancing the need to talk to them and to give them space can be tricky, which is why it’s recommended to establish certain rules regarding communication. If your teen is going overseas, then chances are, that time difference will also pose a bit of a challenge, which makes the rules even more necessary. Therefore, find a fixed time to speak to them so no one’s routine will be affected. Also, if possible, buy them a quality phone and other useful gadgets to make communication easier

Focus on their health 

Teens tend to forego their health in favor of other activities, such as drinking with friends. And even though it’s impossible to prevent them from doing that, it’s still necessary to focus on their health in such a way that won’t make them feel overprotected. So, before you plan their first trip alone, be sure to check all the available healthcare options that they might need to use in case of an emergency. Additionally, prepare an emergency kit that will consist of pain-relief meds, cold meds, bandages, and a soothing anti-allergy cream. If the teen is suffering from any allergies, be sure to pack their EpiPen as well. 

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Sending your teen on their first trip alone to a new country, or even within the same country, can be difficult, which is why it’s essential to remain calm and give them the bit of freedom they desperately crave at that age. However, you should also ensure their maximum safety while traveling, so they’ll be able to study, have fun and meet new people without any risks and issues.

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