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15 Must Read Books for Summer Reading Program – Middle School List

Library - Books for Your Middle Schooler

Summer Is Creeping Up On Us Parents. Go ahead, scream, you know you want to! I’ve already started a countdown calendar for when they go back to school. I love my kids… I do! I love my sanity just slightly more. Okay, possibly a whole lot more. Every year we set out to have the boys pick out so many books …


Get Warmed Up For Summer With These 25 Warm Drinks

25 Warm Drinks for Summer

Brrrrrr….. Someone pass me some warm drinks please! If you’re living in the upper Midwest of the US you know that it’s been abnormally chilly and rainy for the past week or so. I have been actually contemplating on turning the heat back on, it’s been that cold and can’t seem to get warm at all. Yes, the heat that …

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