3 New Home Location Tips Before You Purchase

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There will be a point in any residency that you get a little bored of your surroundings and grow out of the space, and this might just spark your interest to buy a new home. However, finding the best new home location to move to can be a tricky business, as there seems to be thousands of things that you have to consider before making any kind of decision.

When we set out on our home purchasing journey, we made some ground rules, which really went out the door with our home. Many of those rules, we regret, others, we're glad we followed.

Luckily this is not the case, as by following just a few simple steps you can begin to figure out what might be the perfection location for you, should help to kickstart your search and show you where to begin. So, if you’ve got the moving bug and want to uncover the best place to purchase property, then read on for some of the best top tips and get started today! 

3 New Home Location Tips Before You Purchase

Set Your Budget

The very first step you must take during this process is to set your budget. This will impact upon the location in which you can buy a home, as for example, you may just scrape a 1 bedroom studio flat in a big city centre but for the exact same price find a 4 bedroom homestead with garden and driveway in a rural area.

It’s all relative, and you must decide now what sort of lifestyle you would like to lead and pair this with your budget to get a better idea of what your true end goal actually looks like. Don’t view any properties that go over your budget unless there’s enough wiggle room to knock the price down, as you may feel a little upset feeling as though you have ‘settled’ for a cheaper option. 

A New Start Or Somewhere Local?

Potentially it may not be your home itself that’s causing you issues, but your local area instead, and simply moving to a larger house up the street will not release your feelings of discomfort. Taking the chance to have a whole new start by investing in property in a new state or country can give you a refreshed lease of life that you will either love or hate, and it takes a lot of thought to make the decision.

Staying in your original home town for your whole life may be the perfect plan for some people, but others have more of an inclination to travel and experience different cultures and ways of life around the world, and there shouldn’t be anything that’s able to hold you back from doing what you’d like to do.

Ensure you visit your new home location several times before making the big move to be super certain it’s the right place for you, and get in contact with some long distance movers that can help you to get your stuff from A to B safely. 

Local School District

Schooling is important, especially if you have school-aged children or plan on having children. Picking a home in a good school district is almost as important as the home itself. Research both the district, levies that have failed/passed, when was the last time the school system was updated, and is it up to date with technology.

New Home Location Tips - School District

One thing we did look into when we were purchasing our home was the school. We did compare it to others, weighed in that it was a small district and hoped that there were less problems.

Ask neighbors about the school system. Especially neighbors who have children in the district. Go to a school board meeting or two so that you can hear what topics are brought up for concern. Like their facebook page, etc. All of those places will help you decide on if that district is considering for your new home location.

Don’t forget to partake in self care throughout your move, and it can be a stressful experience and you need to look after yourself to enjoy the whole venture as much as possible. Good luck! 

New Home Location Tips - PN

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