Moving Quickly And Easily: How To Transition Smoothly

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When moving into our new home, we were in a slight rush. Since I knew we were moving, I had focused on packing for a couple months prior, especially since I had surgery just a couple weeks before we were closing on our home. We had to hop on moving quickly and easily.

Our lease was month to month, so it was either pay for another month or get out by the end of July and our apartment managers decided to be real P.I.T.A's and refused to give us a few extra days and were still trying to get us to pay August's rent which I refused since they refused to repair, clean, and actually manage the apartments properly. But that's a whole other blog post.

We opted to move out by the end of July, which left us with 2 weeks to pack, clean both places, and move before July 31st. Needless to say, it was chaotic! I had just had my surgery on the 16th of July and 12 days later we were moving into our first home.

Is there anything that’s more stressful than moving house?

Is it possible to do all of the moving quickly and easily?

It’s ranked as one of the most stressful things you can do in your life, up there with experiencing bereavement and getting divorced. So what exactly can you do to make the process of moving house as quick and easy as possible?

Moving Quickly And Easily: How To Transition Smoothly

Stay Organized

When you move, your priority should be to stay as organized as possible. This might not come easily to everyone, and if that’s the case for you, then make sure you start preparing as far in advance as possible. Use an online calculator to figure out how much packing material you may need, and purchase it well in advance – and get more materials than the calculator suggests, just in case you run out.

You should make sure that you label all your boxes with the room that they’ll need to be placed in when you get to your new place – it will ensure that you aren’t stumbling over boxes in the hallway for your first few weeks in your new home. Staying organized is also important when it comes to your finances, as it means you won’t have to deal with any last minute fees and you’ll be able to compare companies to find the right deal for you.

Pack Least Used Items First

Pack as much as you can that you don't use on a regular basis first. Most stuff like seasonal items are already packed and ready to be moved, But items like extra sheets, blankets, decor, etc can all get packed up first. You can live in your current place without items hanging out the wall for a few weeks.

Consider Your Kids

Moving can be a really stressful experience for children, so it’s important for you to figure out how you’re going to handle that. If possible, take them to their new neighborhood and show them the things that they’re going to enjoy doing there, like going swimming and even their new school, so that they have a positive view of where they’re going to be living. Answer all their questions honestly, and when moving day rolls around, ask a friend or family member that they know well to take care of them so they won’t be under foot all day.

Gradually Introduce Your Pets

Just like the kids can get overly stressed out, just imagine what it's like for pets. Especially if the home you're moving from is the only home they have ever known. Most pets run away from new homes because they aren't used to the new surroundings. If you're able to bring the pets with you while you're cleaning, moving smaller items over before the big day, do so. It helps calm the anxiety in your furbabies as well. If it's not possible to gradually introduce your new home to your pets, you can gradually introduce different rooms. Put a blanket that has your scent in their carrier or cage and put it in your bedroom. Let them hide out there for awhile and let them explore at their pace. Most pets if they are overwhelmed will hide, or disappear within a bedroom or closet, or even an attic. So make sure all closets, attic spaces, basement doors, etc are closed so that your fur baby doesn't get stuck somewhere they can't get out freely.

Hire A Moving Company

It’s important to prioritize what you really need when you move, and for many people a moving company like Bekins Moving Solution is absolutely key. Because they know their stuff, they’ll be able to pack your things and move your boxes quickly and carefully, meaning that your possessions won’t get damaged and you won’t hurt yourself after picking up a box too quickly or in the wrong position. Just make sure that boxes weigh under thirty pounds so that no one strains their backs when picking them up.

Make A Tote & Cooler with Supplies

Finally, creating a tote & cooler of what you’re going to need while moving in and even on your first night in your new home is important. In a Cooler make sure you have Bottled water, breakfast food, snacks, etc. In the tote make sure you have clean clothes, basic toiletries (remember toilet paper & tissues) and utensils like plates, cups and silverware, are all essentials. You’ll be extremely thankful to have your body wash and towel in an easy to access at the end of the day when you’re covered in sweat and dust from unpacking and desperate for a shower.

When it comes to Moving Quickly and Easily – these tips should help it go as smoothly as possible

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