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If your home is anything like mine, you have at least one boombox in the house that isn't Bluetooth enabled.


I know I know… I'm living in the “dark ages” according to my kids.

Heck, we still rely on actual alarm clocks, that my husband and I have probably had since at least 2005, and not our cell phones to wake us up.

Since my kids have the joy of having the boombox in their bedroom, it's either, CD or local radio stations. And we all know how kids “love” local radio stations today. It's not like in the 80's and 90's when we used to listen to the Top 9 at 9 pm every Saturday night to record the latest songs that hit Billboard's Top lists. They want to hear their stuff when they want to hear it, and not have to wait.

Thank you tech engineers for all of the hard work you do in bringing my kids every want to their fingertips instantly.

My kids have an iPhone and until recently, used a tiny little Bluetooth speaker that I picked up somewhere for less than $10. It's decent, but you know kids want louder, and louder than louder.

Most Awesome Mom Award because of Google Chromecast Audio

When I handed over the Google Chromecast Audio and set it up for them, I think I was immediately (okay after they started up their Spotify accounts) awarded “Most Awesome Mom of a Lifetime” award.

Okay, not really, but seriously, they thought it was great they could FINALLY listen to their songs whenever and not have to use that tiny little speaker that we now have moved to the bathroom for easier listening. (Hey, if the little speaker drops into the shower, no biggy, it was cheap and it's not really liked anyway)

Google Chromecast Audio was easy to set up, however we've had some connection issues, though I think it's more user error than anything, because I'm not a iOS user and have problems getting the boys cell phone to work right!

You simply plug it into the boombox (in our example) & plug-in the usb cord and the aux cord into the Chromecast Audio, then plug the usb cord into the outlet.

Then follow the steps to set it up to the WiFi and open your music app and listen to your favorite tunes.

I think it took us maybe 5 minutes from start to finish to completely set it up.

About the Google Chromecast Audio Device:

Stream your favorite music with Google Chromecast Audio. Simply plug into your speaker's auxiliary input and connect to your Wi-Fi network. Then just tap the Cast button from your favorite apps on your phone, tablet or computer to cast songs, radio stations and podcasts to your speaker.Instagram - Google Chromecast Audio

Product Features

Smart Enabled – Get access to a world of instant entertainment with this product. Just connect to the Internet and stream movies, listen to music, and access a wide variety of other content.

A huge selection of entertainment – Wirelessly stream millions of songs, radio stations and podcasts from your favorite apps like Pandora, iHeartRadio, NPR, Spotify and Google Play Music.

Cast music from your phone, tablet or computer – Pair with your Apple® iPhone® or iPad®, Android phone or tablet, Mac or Windows laptop or Chromebook.

Multiroom audio – Lets you play music throughout your home. Group Chromecast audio devices together so you can listen to the same song on multiple speakers.

High-speed wireless connectivity – Built-in 2.4GHz/5.0GHz 802.11ac Wi-Fi connects to the Internet through your wireless home network (wireless router required and sold separately).

Easily connect with your speakers – Just plug Chromecast Audio into your speakers via the auxiliary input, connect to Wi-Fi and tap the Cast button from your favorite apps.

Web-based services and content require high-speed Internet service. Some services may require a subscription.

* iOS support coming soon. 
Apple, the Apple logo and iTunes are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. iPod is a trademark of Apple Computer, Inc.
iPad is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries

We've used Google Chromecast products in the past and love them. We have the 2nd generation (I believe) Google Chromecast since we don't have cable and we love it! Google just keeps coming out with awesome products that my family loves and I'm sure your family will love as well.

Have you ever used a Google Chromecast product before?

Which one and how did you like it?

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