12 Signs of a Toxic Relationship To Be Aware Of
Relationships can be hard work. Even harder if you are starting to notice the signs of a toxic relationship. It is important that you recognize the...
Not Ready For Marriage? 3 Easy Ways to Discuss It Now
Has marriage been on your mind lately? Being in a relationship is one thing, but getting married is a totally different thing, correct? For some...
Keeping the Spark Alive in Your Relationship 24/7
Millions of couples have found themselves thrown in at the deep end thanks to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Sure, most people with a significant other...
Stress-Free Relationship Tips While in Quarantine
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Start Cleaning Less So You Can Enjoy Your Day More

I was looking through some drafted blog posts and realized that I never really talked about who I am or what I do daily. I never really talk about what I do in order to keep our home, what I call “visitor ready”. So figured I’d talk about how I take care of our home while cleaning less. I’ve talked about my kids, the husband, being a mom and my marriage, but never really about me and what I do (other than what you probably read on my About Me page

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Easy Ways to Keep Your Guy Active & Warm This Winter

With winter coming there will be lots of cold days that simply make people want to stay inside and keep warm. Staying indoors is generally accompanied by the winter blues or possibly seasonal affective disorder. Fortunately, there are a lot of things one can do to liven things up and keep themselves active in the winter even if it is a bit chilly outside. The following five tips will help you have an active winter and finally beat the winter blues.

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