4 Ways to Make Your Home Business Look Legit

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When you first started a business, home or outside, you set out to make your home business look legit so that people trust you, trust what your offering and it really does put your best foot forward.

Being in an office and working for someone else means that you get all your equipment, technology and information provided for you. The office address and information are on the letterhead of every business document, and your email address is on every one of your business cards. The company has a website stamped with the same logo, which brings it all together and makes it look professional.

When you break off and do something for yourself, you need to make your business look just as professional as the one that you have previously worked for. You get none of that handed to you in your own business, which means that you are in charge. It would help if you did your research on your business cards and your website branding. It would help if you also used email signature software so that your business has a uniform look in every email that you send.

Of course, many solo professionals out there go without all of these things, but it’s a mistake. You want to make your home business look legit, and you want your business to be taken seriously. The only way for that to happen is if you give your business the same uniformity that you would have if you worked elsewhere. For that to happen, you need to follow these tips below to have a company that looks legit.

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4 Ways to Make Your Home Business Look Legit

Set up an Email Account

It’s easy to set up a Yahoo! Email account, but it’s not going to look professional for your business. We talked about email signature software, and it’s something that you need to use if you want to make your business a professional one. Registering a domain for your business is essential, and it will give your clients and customers the impression to make your home business look legit.

With the email address being legit, you need some way of handing it out. A business card to hand gives your business a leg-up every time you hand it to someone. It will have all the information that you need to provide your clients with an easy way to contact you on multiple channels.

Create a Website and Social Media Presence

Your website and all of your social media channels should have a professional headshot of you. Clients and customers should know what you look like, and a professional headshot is a way to go. You don't have to spend too much, either. A lot of photographers do headshots at discount rates a few times a year because they know that professionals like to keep their image fresh.

Consistency is vital for a business to look professional

When you don't have a physical location for your business because that’s your home address, you need everything else to be on point. You want brochures, websites, email signatures and business cards to be consistent. The same typography, brand colors – everything – should be the same.

Technology is Your Friend… Your Best Friend

You should use technology and all that it can bring to your total advantage. You can invest in the right software and the best technology to keep your business running smoothly. It’s the front end and the back-end stuff that is important, as this is what keeps your business running efficiently.

Having quality technology in your life is going to make your business not only look legit, but also run smoothly. Yes, tech is expensive, but it's an investment that you need to make in order to make your business work.

Making your home business launch well is one thing and making it look legit is another. Now you know how to do it, what are you waiting for?

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