Learn How to Blow Glass at The Glass Asylum In Chagrin Falls

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You always have that one single activity that you've always wanted to do but thought “Yeah, that's not my thing. I wouldn't even know how to go about doing it!” I've always wanted to try learning how to blow glass. I've seen it when I've visited a few amusement parks or even some other places I've visited with my family on vacations and it looked way cool! I just never knew that I was able to try it, queue The Glass Asylum!

When I was invited to hang out with several other awesome Cleveland Area Bloggers to learn how to blow glass, I jumped at the opportunity!


We hung out for a few hours, chatting, learning about The Glass Asylum, how it came to be, how they operate, and the awesome partnership they have with a few local restaurants.

The Glass Asylum. . .

. . . is Northeast Ohio's premier glass-blowing studio.

And Learning how to blow glass was just…. well….


Located in the beloved village of Chagrin Falls, OH, our studio is a hot-spot for art and entertainment. At the Glass Asylum, you'll find a supportive community of glass artists and staff who collaborate with each other and the public to create unique experiences and works of art.

If you have never visited or drove through Chagrin Falls, Ohio, I strongly suggest parking and taking a lil' walk around! I arrived about 1 1/2 hrs too early, so I popped into a cafe and walked around. They have such adorable shops, a beautiful river with the falls with observation decks on both sides of the bridge and river.

While I was waiting for the workshop to start, I was watching and listening to the employees interact. Even though all of them have been doing glass blowing for a while, they are still learning new techniques and styles for different awesome creations. Watching them blow glass was just amazing. The different techniques they used and how they created their designs in very fluid moves were just beautiful and amazing in one.

We were greeted with employees who LOVE their job, love what they do, and what they create.

When we broke away from our absolutely delicious dinner, we were given directions, taught how to hold the glass blowing pipe, where to hold, and how hard we will have to blow into the pipe. They explained the different techniques, tools we were using, what the tools were used for, and more.

Owner of The Glass Asylum – Chris Crimaldi

Chris is a self-taught artist who began to blow glass in 2009 and opened up The Glass Asylum in 2015. He is an incredible artist who specializes in creating beautiful translucent glass light fixtures that can be seen on display at many cool Cleveland restaurants including M Italian & Burntwood Tavern.

His passion for his work and teaching others shines through as he encourages customers to learn how to blow glass through various workshops and unique group experiences at the studio. In addition to Chris there is an equally amazing staff of artists at the studio who were incredibly patient and helpful throughout the experience and make you feel right at home (even if it's your very first time) in front of the 2,000 degree oven used to melt the glass.

The partnership between C.A.P Group (Burntwood Tavern & M Italian) and The Glass Asylum

C.A.P. Group approached Chris and asked him and his team to make centerpieces for one of their Burntwood Tavern locations. After the that location was decorated with Chris' designs, they started using him and his team to decorate the rest of their restaurants, not just for the center pieces but also for other light fixtures throughout the dining rooms.

They then opened M Italian with The Glass Asylum in beautiful Chagrin Falls, Ohio. While waiting for your meal or aftewards, you can sneak over to watch the glass blowers do their art. While we were in our class, there were so many children that were oohin' and ahhh'in against the glass windows separating the two. The looks on the children's faces were just pure amazement.

If you're interested in any of the above mentioned, here is the contact info!

22 W. Orange Street
Chagrin Falls, OH 44022
22 West Orange St.
Chagrin Falls, OH 44022
(440) 247-7474
32910 Solon Rd in Solon, Ohio.
(440) 498-0888

Here's a few photos of me making my frilly bowl!

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