This Year’s Lady’s Gift Guide

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Guys, I know it's sometimes not easy for you to purchase items for the lady in your life. So, coming from a lady, I'm going to give you some ideas to help you purchase the best items for your woman this holiday season.

This Year’s Lady's Gift Guide

My Lady's Gift Guide doesn't give you all of the typical “jewelry” or high dollar expensive gift ideas. My goal is to show you what you can get for that special lady without breaking the bank, but still showing her that she matters to you and you pay attention to what she wants and needs.

subarz treets - Lady's Gift Guide

Subarz Sweets

What is a Subarz? It's a baked treat that combines the crunch of a mandelbread & biscotti with the sweetness of a cookie. They have TONS of yummy flavors including ones that are gluten, nut & dairy free. .

These biscotti like cookies are perfect little treats for your holiday get togethers. They go perfectly with a lil' milk or even paired with your favorite adult drink (mine is cranberry & vodka with a squeeze of orange).

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Vella Box - Lady's Gift Guide


I don't know how they did it, but Vellabox just knew about my slight obsession with Gary Vee and Empathy Wines. So much that my box came with Empathy Wine candles!

They teamed up with Empathy to create candles reminiscent of their red wine. Pop the cork, & strike a match. 

California Red Scent Notes: blackberry, black cherry, dark chocolate, vanilla, licorice.

California White Scent Notes: grapefruit, meyer lemon, sea salt, citrus blossom.

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Surin Yoga Wheel - Lady's Gift Guide

Surin Yoga Wheel

The SURIN Yoga Wheel is the first product in their launch, and one that so many people have been looking forward to.

Guys, I did a simple yoga routine using this wheel and it's fantastic. I'm 270lbs and it held me perfectly during the routine. I love it. I can't wait to use it more and more.

This yoga wheel is beautifully crafted like a piece of art. It is strong and able to support up to 500 pounds, which makes it not easily break apart or crack.

It does not flex or fold over, so you can feel free to perform all types of yoga poses and movements with ease. The SURIN yoga wheel is also sweat and scratch resistant.

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Ugly Christmas Sweater - Lady's Gift Guide

Ugly Christmas Sweater & Leggings

If you’ve got a wicked sense of humor and always find yourself laughing at that scene in the movie Home Alone where Kevin tricks Marv, the Wet Bandit into thinking that someone’s just been killed inside the McAllister house, then having this officially-licensed Home Alone movie ugly Christmas sweater might be right up your alley.

Wearing this Women’s Merry Christmas Ya Flithy Animal Snowflake and Reindeer Ugly Christmas sweater is perfect for paying homage to the classic Christmas movie Home Alone while giving all your friends the thought: “Where have I heard that before?”

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Gratitude Soaps - Lady's Gift Guide

Gratitude Soaps

Gratitude soaps are scented with a mix of fragrance oils and essential oils to provide just the right balance, while the colors are achieved by adding mica to the soap.

Using a blend of skin-loving coconut oil, moisturizing shea butter, vitamin E-enriched rice bran oil, and nourishing, fatty-acid apricot oil, each and every one of their soaps were created with very specific oils with very specific properties.

Oh, and that rich, creamy lather you love? You can thank castor oil for that.

Get soaps & bath bombs on their website

Liverpool Jeans

The Abby Ankle pairs perfectly with your favorite shoes.  This jean is silky soft for ultimate comfort and prime recovery for all-day wearability. 

I've worn these jeans to the pumpkin patch, date night with the husband, lounging around the house, etc and they don't have that typical stiff painful waist that I've had issues in the past with.

Your lady will love and cherish this jeans for a long time. These are probably the best jeans I've had in a long time, the only problem I had was that I ordered a size larger instead of my true size. So definitely order your lady's true size.

Get these jeans now!

EcoVacs Deebot Ozmo 950

Guys, you may think your woman doesn't want something that cleans the home, but TRUST ME, she does. The less she has to stress over the floors being vacuumed the better.

The last thing women want to worry about at the end of the day is cleaning up all of the crumbs, pet hair, dirt, etc that has been scattered throughout the home.

You can get this on Amazon
(limited bundle deal with an Amazon Echo Dot Gen 3)

Stocking Stuffers

Art of Curiosity Cards - Lady's Gift Guide

Art of Curiosity Cards

Promote the activity of self-awareness and self-guidance with the Art of Curiosity cards to remind yourself of the importance of this time.

Too often, we stress over the problem of the moment, but if we take the time to explore ourselves, habits, beliefs and history, we can determine root issues and values that affect our thoughts and behaviors.

Then, we will use this knowledge to make slight shifts in our lives that will lead us to a higher level of satisfaction and gratitude.

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Tevia Rose Lip Conditioner

Tevia Rose Lip Conditioner

This moisturizing lip conditioner eliminates dry lips and is a great base prior to applying matte and drying lipsticks. It's also great to massage into cuticles to soften them so they don't split or crack.

Scented with Jasmine and Pineapple aroma. This Lip Conditioner is suggested to use daily to eliminate dry lips and cuticles.

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Free Your Tea - Lady's Gift Guide

Free Your Tea

Free Your Tea Founder Knud Berthelsen started Free Your Tea in order to bridge the gap between the high quality teas grown in places like India and China and tea lovers that exist in all corners of the world.

As a passionate tea enthusiast he was frustrated with how much harder it is to discover and experience high quality teas than, for example, specialty coffee and craft beer.

He wanted to provide the opportunity for anyone to break away from the ordinary teas found in boxes and bags at the grocery store and discover new favorite teas.

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The Art of Being

As you begin each week, dedicate time to the most important person in your life – you. We know you love your family and friends deeply, but they need you. They need you to be healthy, decisive, protective and loving and the best way you can care for yourself is to dedicate time and energy to ensuring you are living your truth.

Take just one card from the Art of Being stack each week and really delve into the inspirational subject. Explore it, learn from it and in doing so, learn about yourself. Then, use these new discoveries or reminders from the past to encourage yourself to be fully present in this life you’ve created for yourself and to make small sustainable steps to design changes that will lead you to great fulfillment.

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