4 Easy Ways To Keep a Clean Home During The Holidays

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When it comes to the holidays, we always think of the gifts, decorations, food, and spending time with the family. The one thing we all dread though is how to keep a clean home during all the chaos that the holidays bring.

What do you do in order to keep a clean home during the holidays?

Keep a clean home during the holidays

Do you clean daily or weekly?

Do a deep clean once a month or couple weeks?

Or are you one of the people who do the flight of the bumblebee less than 2 hours before people start arriving?

Our home is lived in, but very neat. I grew up that way, so when it comes to cleaning the house, I make sure it's done regularly.

Majority of the time is focusing on the kitchen, kids rooms & both bathrooms. It always takes the boys what seems like forever to clean their bedrooms. I have no clue how 2 boys can have such messy bedrooms. They don't share anymore, so they can't blame it on eachother.

Easy Ways To Keep a Clean Home During The Holidays

Keep Dirt & Grime from Accumulating

I know, sometimes it's easier said than done, especially if you have pets, smaller kids, or a spouse that works in a dirty atmosphere. But if you stay on top of the dirt and grime, you won't have to scrub later on.

Shoes really shouldn't be worn in the home. Place shoe mats at doors and ask that guests and your family take their shoes off immediately. It's been proven over and over again that majority of any dirt or yuck that comes into the home does so via shoes.

That means all of the bathrooms, dirty grocery floors, etc that tend to bread germs and yuck you're bringing into your home

I have 2 machines that I use to keep a clean home and keep that dirt & grime to a minimum. Of course, my EcoVacs “Rosie Dee Robot” is my top choice now. It has literally made our lives so much better since we received it.

EcoVacs Deebot Ozmo 950 Robotic Vacuum

Cleaning less deebot ozmo 950 robotic vacuum  - keep a clean home
  • Deebot Ozmo 950 Simultaneously vacuums and mops to remove up to 99. 26 percent of bacteria on floors.
  • With carpet detection, it automatically avoids carpets when it mops.
  • A longer battery life (over 3 hours) for large homes.
  • Utilize 3 levels of suction power (Normal, Max, and Max Plus) to tackle any mess
  • Multi-Floor Mapping: perfect for multi level homes and multiple cleaning spaces.
  • Compatible with Alexa & Google Assistant voice commands.

Sienna Luna Plus Steam Mop

Sienna luna plus steam mop - keep a clean home
  • Luna Plus Steam Mop combines Sonic Micro Pulse Vibration Technology
  • Three levels of Steam Control ensure you have the right amount of steam for every cleaning job
  • High Temperature 212 °F steam to clean and sanitize.
  • Steam mop floors, steam clean windows, kitchen counter tops, sinks, remove wrinkles from clothes and garments, car interior, microwaves and MORE!

Take 10 Minutes Daily to Pick up Clutter

Picking up clutter is by far the easiest and quickest way to keep a clean home. We all have that catch all spot or drawer. Ours is on our coffee bar counter. Everything gets thrown on there and just left for days. It drives me insane so I'm constantly picking things off the counter and putting them away.

From the kitchen counters & table, to the end & coffee tables. Pick up the magazines, books, blankets, pillows or anything else that the kids, spouse and yourself leave laying around.

If you have a multi-level home, you can put small baskets on the stairs with labels for each person in the home. Put items they left downstairs into their baskets for them to take upstairs.

Most homes have “junk drawers” where odd and end items like twist ties, a couple rubber bands, random screw driver, pens, pencils etc go in. Keep those organized by using small baskets from Dollar Tree.

Be Mobile with a Cleaning Bucket

Keep things that you need to clean rooms with you as you're going from room to room. You can use either a bucket or a caddy from the dollar store. If you keep everything with you, you will have less back and forth along with less wasted time.

Recently I took to facebook and asked “If you were to make bathroom cleaning buckets for teens, what would you include?” Here are a few of the items my followers suggested:

Cleaning Bucket Essentials:

When it comes to the holidays, we always think of the gifts, decorations, food, and spending time with the family. The one thing we all dread though is how to keep a clean home during all the chaos that the holidays bring.

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