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 About 3 years ago I started on this blogging journey.

I've had a blast, but I've struggled a lot. Had I known then what I know now when I was starting off in the blogging world, I would have definitely researched more, taken my time on launching and getting things going. I probably would have listened and wrote as many articles and scheduled them out to post over a few months so I would always be a few months ahead.

All of that would have helped me be awesome, but I wouldn't have learned from my mistakes like I am now. I wouldn't have met some of the bloggers I've met, had disagreements and fall outs with other bloggers, but I also wouldn't have grown as the person I am today either.

I was talking with a few of my blogger friends and they gave me some pretty awesome advice! Some of the stuff I never would have thought about at first, other advice I wish I would have known or listened to from the beginning.

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    1. Hard work and patience!!
      • The biggest advice I can give is not to expect things overnight. I have to remind myself of that everyday! Too many people are in a rush to have their success that they end up giving up because it's not happening quick enough! Unfortunately, it takes time to reach success so the more you learn patience, the more successful you will be!! & consistency!
    2. Know when to back away.
      • Sometimes an idea just doesn't work out, but you can't let that take you down! If your plan completely falls apart, know that it's ok to start over with a new idea. As long as you keep changing and growing, each new idea will be better than the last. Eventually you'll find something that clicks and it takes off!
    3. You don't have to be able to afford your own work!
      • Other people have other jobs, so it's not up to you to decide if they can afford you. Your job is to find the people who can afford you.
    4. Get out there and meet people face to face!
      • Networking is the key to success.
    5. Don't be afraid to be honest and vulnerable.
      • People expect you to be successful on day one, it's OK not to be! Be real about your journey!
    6. Find a balance between growing organically, and leading your business.
      • Like someone else said, sometimes an idea doesn't work, and you must learn when to walk away. But don't be scared to pursue different ideas! Follow the cues!
    7. Support other businesses!!
      • Supporting another's success doesn't dampen yours. Don't close yourself off into your own little world where everything is about you, find other entrepreneurs and help them shine!
    8. You are not in competition with anyone!
      • What you offer is unique in done way, you just need to work out how.
    9. You have to be consistent!
      • It's how you grow your audiences trust! Staying on a schedule is super helpful!
    10. You must stay focused, and be determined.
      • I put my all into everything I do, most of the time! I will spend hours working on my blog, growing my social accounts, and keeping up with this group to make sure everyone is enjoying their time! It's so much work and sometimes it's until 4am. You must be able to do what it takes to get the job done!
    11. This is an Entrepreneurship. 
      • Just like you need to support other businesses, you need to support your own business. Blogging is a business. You have to research, invest, and make sacrifices. Just like in #10, you have to sometimes work outside of your normal hours to hit a deadline.

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Joining the Blogging Community – Pinterest

I'm a North-Central Ohio Lifestyle & Parenting Influencer located just south of Norwalk in a beautiful tiny rural town called New London. Married to the love of my life, raising 2 teen boys, and 2 chubby cats. I live for coffee, swear words, family & technology.

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