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Do you have great content that you believe would fit the Life with Anna Cockayne, LLC brand and would like to become one of the writers or reviewers on my site?

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With all of the hustle and bustle of purchasing our first home, I have been thinking about adding a few contributors to the blog. Being a one-woman show is great, and fits my introverted personality well, truth be told, I miss working with and collaborating with other people on a more regular basis.

Let's Work Together

If you keep thinking of something month after month, maybe it’s time to take action, right?

When I first started out, I didn't have the luxury of being a contributor, or even guest post on another person's blog. I jumped in and started drowning until I realized I could do this… I don't want other bloggers just starting out to get in over their head and be overwhelmed which is why I'm opening up my blog for you!


  • New writers who aren't exactly sure where to start in their blogging. I want to help you get started
  • Reviewers who love getting new products in exchange for their HONEST & UNBIASED opinion
  • Bloggers who want to share what they do best, primarily in the areas that are listed below.
  • 4-5 contributors, each specializing in a different area, who love what they do and want to help others

Will you get paid for writing on Life with Anna Cockayne?

At this time, payment will be in the form of exposure and promotion for your own blog. If you are a newer blogger, I would love to help promote your blog on both Life with Anna Cockayne and the Life with Anna Cockayne social media channels including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube & Instagram. You would be credited as a contributor and set up with a contributor/bio page where you can showcase and link up to your favorite posts on your site.  You can also link to your site, and social media channels, on any (recent) posts that you write for Life with Anna Cockayne.

Group - Join the Team & Become a Contributor at Life with Anna Cockayne

I'm Looking for Writers & Reviewers to Join the Team

That will write topics in the following areas:

Financial, Marriage, Parenting (teens), Celebrations, Beauty & Fashion

Back 2 School, Homeschooling, College

ADHD, Anxiety, OCD, ODD, Depression, etc

Family Activities, Hidden Gems, Awesome Eats

Cricut, Crafts, DIY, Photography, Printables, Technology, Subscription Boxes

  • Food & Drink

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, 30 Min Meals, Drinks, Desserts & Snacks, Side Dishes, Healthy Eating

  • Working From Home

Blogging, LEGIT Work from Home JOBS, Starting a Business

Article Requirements for Life with Anna Cockayne Contributors:

  • Catchy & SEO’d Title
  • Be sure to use headers and appropriate spacings
  • Content must be 500+ words
  • All Content has to be SEO’d properly
  • Do NOT submit content elsewhere on the web. All Content, images, etc become the property of Life with Anna Cockayne, LLC.
  • Do NOT plagiarize
  • You are NOT allowed hard-sell an item without my permission
  • Affiliate links have to be pre-approved, or if you don't have an affiliate link, understand that I will attach one of mine.
  • All topics must be approved by Anna
  • If you receive a Sponsored Post of over $200, you are required to submit 10% of that to Anna to cover backend costs. (I'm the one who pays for the hosting, and other technical aspects, this 10% is like paying a small renters fee)
  • Minimum of 2 images + featured image. All images must have as text on the image.
  • Featured Image (500×500) with the Title Included and as text on the image.

So if you're a content creator that covers any of the above subjects, please fill out the form below!

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