10 Proven Instagram Tactics That Boost Engagement Rates

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While I am still learning how to Insta, I have learned a few things over the past few years I have been using Instagram. One of my coworkers is absolutely a goddess when it comes to Instagram tactics and I have been working on getting to her level, though I still have a ways to go. When it comes to Instagram tactics for boosting your engagement rates, there are 10 really solid pieces of advice that can help you out.

A high ER(Engagement Rate) means people genuinely engage with your posts, and your content quality is high. You will secure massive brand collaborations if you have higher engagement rates.

When it comes to instagram tactics for boosting your engagement rates, there are 10 really solid pieces of advice that can help you out.

The engagement rate depends on your fans' count and the number of content engagements you acquire. Instagram algorithm concluded that the crucial engagement metrics are views, likes, comments, shares, and saves. Then these metrics are calculated with your fans to count to bring the ER(Engagement Rate).

What Is a Basic Benchmark To Follow?

There are many factors, such as your niche and your fans count, so it's hard to answer. Macro-influencers might have lower engagement rates than the Micro-influencers, and the Fashion niche won't have the exact average engagement rates like the gaming niche. You would see various average engagement rates for every niche which is why it is important to follow the Instagram tactics listed below.

It is good to have a 2 – 3 % engagement rate, whether your fans count or niche. It is an essential benchmark that every client looks at while choosing their influencers.

10 Proven Instagram Tactics That Boost Engagement Rates

You could work with various strategies, but getting knowledge from experience, the below-mentioned points are the ten remarkable and proven Instagram tactics that will help boost your engagement rates.

Make Carousel Posts

Bring it a carousel post if you are going to upload a feed content. It is proven that carousel posts gain more engagement rates than a single in-feed video or image. Even, carousel posts boost higher engagements when it is filled with ten slides.

You could use carousel posts to upload image series, tip-based contents, and before & after images. Use this type of post to the extreme as possible to bring the viewers to save your post to watch later, thus increasing your engagements on the platform.

Provide a Face To Your Instagram Handle

One of the easiest Instagram tactics is to show off your face on every Instagram content if it perfectly works with your industry. Instagram content with a human face is more likely to gain 40% more likes and 35% more comments. 

People trust people. Your fans need to recognize a solid face to an Instagram handle. It feels personal, which means they are likely to interact with your posts.

Schedule Your Posts

Upload your content at the right time after knowing most of your audience is active on the platform. You could get high engagements if your post reaches more people. Through Instagram analytics, you can fix your peak times to upload posts.

Your Instagram insights provide you with the perfect time and day your fans are active. Make sure to post your content in their local hours after knowing your majority of people's location. It helps you more with scheduling your content at the perfect day and time that boosts your engagements.

Utilize Instagram To Its Fullest Extent

Instagram concluded that most influencers on the network use every available feature to them. It includes Lives, Stories, In-feed posts, Reels, and TVs. 

Recently, reels feature on Instagram creating high vibes among younger audiences. Thus, most of the business enters into reels to promote their products and services. Some businesses make their product announcements and official statements through reels. It brings them higher engagements with abundant reels likes on Instagram and massive reach. 

Your profile would collect more engagements than you expect if you use the platform most of the time. And the Instagram algorithm considers you an active user who helps your posts reach a wider audience. Thus it brings you more engagements in a short time and seems to be leading the way with one of the easiest Instagram tactics right now.

Use Captions To Interact Fans

Give your audience a perfect caption to engage with your content for a longer time. Not only does it connect with your people, but you are likely to bring them to interact if your captivating caption asks them to share, comment, like, and save.

Bring your first line of the caption more attractive with handy emojis, languages, and more space between the letters. Add more values and utilize the caption area like a mini-blog guide. Add some dots to help people stay focused. It is also the perfect move to ask questions at your caption end to ask your fans to share their answers or opinions in the comment section.

Utilize Researched And relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are one of the easiest Instagram tactics and the perfect way to enlarge your reach, spread your post to a vast audience, and build your ER(Engagement Rate).

Use the least number of hashtags and add that is related to your post. Don't use generic hashtags because you might get stuck in a massive competition. Add calendar-specific hashtags so that your post goes into the viral social conversations and entirely helps in boosting your engagements.

When it comes to instagram tactics for boosting your engagement rates, there are 10 really solid pieces of advice that can help you out.
Image by Ariapsa MX from Pixabay

Also, don't forget to do research. Ensure that hashtags are the trendy ones and utilized by many creative users on the platform. If your followers follow that particular hashtag, then it's a good move. And also, analyze your competitor's contents to track the hashtags that they are using. Spending some time researching brings you high engagement results and reach.

Upload Interactive Stories

Story features on Instagram contain huge sticker options that bring your people to engage with your content directly. A perfect way to boost your engagements is to utilize these stickers consistently.

The emoji slider, quiz stickers, countdown, questions, and polls are the perfect tools to gain audience interactions and boost your ER(Engagement Rate) to the next level. 

Geo-tag Locations

Like hashtags, Geo-tags also helps grow your reach on Instagram and increases your post engagements in a short time.

It's a specific tool to collect more saves for your posts. If you are in a famous region or location, bring your geo-tag to your post. Thus, your fans who get your post will wish to visit the location. So they are likely to save your posts from getting it back later.

Community Management

It increases your engagements. If you do interact with your massive community, they will return the favor. Also, it is crucial to gain your audience's attention within an hour after uploading because it determines your post rate about your reach on Instagram.

Engage and interact more with your followers' posts. Sharing love brings a strong relationship with your fans and helps in growing an engaged community.


Ghosting your fans is the worst idea if your objective is to gain more engagement rate. If you share posts regularly, most fans will begin to get your posts, which means they are more likely to interact. Forgetting and leaving your audience for weeks or months would bring them to leave your profile. 

It is more important to schedule your post and bring precisely the post numbers you will upload every week. Set monthly and weekly goals that you could manage smoothly.

While i am still learning how to insta, i have learned a few things over the past few years i have been using instagram. One of my coworkers is absolutely a goddess when it comes to instagram tactics and i have been working on getting to her level, though i still have a ways to go. When it comes to instagram tactics for boosting your engagement rates, there are 10 really solid pieces of advice that can help you out.

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