Indoor plant Tips That I Didn’t know I Needed

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When we started bringing decorating our home, we wanted to have at least one indoor plant. Since doing so I have learned several indoor plant tips that I did not know beforehand. I always just needed to water plants when they needed it. That is pretty much all I ever knew or saw my mom do, so I thought that was all you had to do in order to keep your plants growing healthy.

Boy was I mistaken

Since we moved into our home, we have been adding plants to the decor around it. Right now, most are in our kitchen and dining room area since we have cats that love to climb and we have not found a spot in our living room that we can safely put any type of stand or shelving for our plants.

I have learned several indoor plant tips that i did not know beforehand. I always just needed to water plants when they needed it.

Indoor Plant Tips I Never Knew About

Watering too much or too little

I was always told to touch the surface of the dirt in any pot and if it was dry, it was time to water. That is further from the truth. While checking the dirt is accurate, you have to actually stick your finger into the dirt. The surface dries much quicker than the inside so just touching the surface does nothing. This whole time because I was doing that, I was overwatering my plants and causing them to pretty much suffocate from drowning.

The opposite problem, not watering enough. I have done this as well. I tend to let life just take me away sometimes and I forget about my plants. I have killed so many herb plants because of this. Speaking of, I think I need to water my herbs today actually. Anyway, under watering is just as damaging to the plant as overwatering. So checking your plants daily is essential.

To Drain or Not To Drain

Some plants need drainage, others do not. Read up on plants and purchase the proper pot for them. If you plan on putting a plant in a hanging pot, make sure that still has the right amount of drainage that is needed. Not having the proper drainage can result in root rot from water just sitting in the pot and not draining properly. This also happens from over watering a plant that does not have proper drainage like it is supposed to.

There are some plants or flowers that are very specific on water. My husband has ice cube Orchids. They are to be given 3 ice cubes weekly. That is it. The only problem that I have with that is that I do not know the size of the ice cubes required. We use ice trays but have purchased new and the cubes are smaller. If you use a freezer that provides ice cubes, they are going to vary also in size.

Full, Partial Sun, or No Sun

There are plants that require at least 8 hours of sun a day, those are considered full sun plants. Make sure they are placed in a part of your home that gets that many hours of the day. If you live in an apartment that you can not provide that, I suggest purchasing a lamp that helps provide that.

Be aware of the light requirements for your plants when choosing this lighting method. Although some indoor plants require a lot of light to grow there is such a thing as too much light too. The exact ratio for your plant may differ so do your research on what sunlight requirements to use for each individual plant species. Your plants will let you know if they are getting too much or not enough light (either they will begin to look dry or will become limp). Try different locations in your home to find the best place for them.

Good -vs- Bad Insects

It is inevitable that insects or other infestation will make its way to your indoor plants at one point or another. If you are dealing with pests in your indoor garden you may want to find a natural way to eliminate them especially if you have young children or pets in your home. There are ways to do this and most of them require ingredients that you can get at
the grocery store.


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