4 Signs Hearing Impairment Is Affecting Your Health

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Having a hearing impairment can be an extremely difficult thing to experience. Senses like hearing are with you from birth, making it all too easy to find yourself relying on them without even realizing it. Of course, though, in a world that is so heavily geared towards those without disabilities, hearing impairment can be a lot more challenging than you would expect. In a lot of cases, those with hearing loss will also experience a range of other issues as a result.

Having a hearing impairment can be an extremely difficult thing to experience. Senses like hearing are with you from birth, losing them in time can devastate.
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To give you an idea of how hearing impairment can impact your life, I hope my post will help provide you or a loved one with a few solutions that can be used to overcome some of the negative effects that the loss of hearing can have on health.

Speech Loss

Speech is incredibly important, and you need to be able to speak to be able to communicate with other people effectively. It can be hard for those with hearing impairment to hear the sound of their own voice, creating a lot of challenges when it comes to talking properly. Those who are born deaf often never learn to speak properly, but this is something that can impact people who have experienced hearing loss later in life, too. Speech and hearing loss go hand in hand, but this is something that can be overcome using tools like hearing aids, as they enable users to hear their own voice again.


My son was about 5 years old when we found out that he had a hearing impairment. While he was able to communicate pretty well, his comprehension was and still is 15 years later, lacking. There are things with his hearing that he can not quite make a connection with sometimes. It was hard for him to understand certain language concepts, like sarcasm or frustration, because he could not decipher the difference in the tones outside of his decibel range.

A lot of folks with hearing impairment have the same comprehension problem so we need to figure out a way that is best for our loved one to help with that. Often it could be just explaining in a range they can hear or teach them how to read not only lips but facial expressions as well.


The fluid inside your ears serves a much bigger purpose than helping you to hear. Enabling your ears to act as organic gyroscopes, this fluid gives you a sense of orientation, enabling you to balance yourself as you stand and walk around. Hearing loss can disrupt this fluid, damaging your ability to balance properly. This can lead to conditions like vertigo, leaving people feeling dizzy when they stand or try to walk around. Overcoming this can be very difficult, and you may need to go through a medical procedure to be able to improve your balance again. Struggling to balance can be a sign of hearing loss in those who are unable to speak.

Mental Health

Living with the loss of hearing can leave a lot of people unable to communicate with others or live the lifestyle they used to enjoy. Issues like this may seem small when you haven’t had to deal with them, though the reality can be far less pleasant. Mental health problems are a common side-effect of hearing loss. Overcoming this side of your condition can be extremely hard, though you can often make it easier for yourself with the right people around you. Some friends will be willing to take the time and effort it takes to communicate with you properly, as these are the people you need during times like these.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to start working on ways to reduce the impact hearing loss has on your lifestyle. A lot of people struggle with this, finding it difficult to keep themselves happy when they’re living with something like hearing loss, but it doesn’t have to be impossible. 

Written by Anna C.

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