Headaches and Careers – 5 Ways They Are Connected

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Ask anyone, and they will tell you instantly that yes, headaches and careers are sometimes connected! It’s easy to blame the workplace for the pain in your head. Spending time in an office with dry air all day is bound to make your head hurt. But did you know that over 100 million working days are lost every single year in the U.S. because of headaches and migraines? That’s a lot of headache-inducing workplaces that people are dealing with!

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If you are dealing with daily headaches and have no idea what the cause could be, then you should look at your workplace first. Your health is important!

Headaches and Careers – 5 Ways They Connected

Here are some of the ways headaches and careers are connected and how to fix the connection:

Getting to Work

The commute in the morning can be a stressful one. If you’re on public transport, then you’re dealing with the pushing and shoving of other people before you’ve even properly woken up for the day. If you’re on trains and buses, your headache can be caused by the overpowering perfumes of those around you. The motion of the transport can also cause it.


If your office is dimly lit and you’re trying to concentrate, your eyes are going to be strained while trying to focus. It would help if you had a workspace that is lit up with both natural and artificial lighting. You want to avoid having to strain your eyes at all.

Screen Time

Speaking of eye strain, we are very fortunate to live in a technological world but not to the point that your screen could be the cause of your pain. You need to consider if your screen time is becoming a problem. Staring at a computer all day long is not healthy, as you are overly exposed to blue light technology. It keeps your brain stimulated and can be the cause of the pain in your eyes, too.

If your computer has the ability to go dark, do it. Recently I switched my work computer to go dark, along with my iPhone. My eyes are not as blurred in the mornings and I'm able to focus better without having the glare from a white background.

Office Politics

Sometimes, it can be too much to deal with people. You need to have some space sometimes, and people don’t tend to get along well when they are foisted upon one another in a stressful environment (e.g., the workplace). You need to take yourself out of other people’s gossip; it’s going to be the cause of the tension headaches that you are getting!

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It's easy to get caught up in office gossip and politics, but it's even easier to not get involved. Stay at your desk, put earbuds in during lunch, or just simply tell your co-workers that you are there to work and that is it. It's fine to be friends outside of work, but while working, it's all work. Outside of work, you never discuss work. I know I know, easier said than done sometimes.

Bad Posture

Sitting at your desk all day isn’t great for you to do. The pressure on your spine causes pressure on your muscles, which pulls your shoulders and makes you feel sore and tense. This then leads to headaches, and all because you’re hunched over your desk! Pay attention to the type of office furniture that you have and ask for a workspace assessment so that you can get the right help. Bad posture leads to headaches, as does sitting too long. Get up, stretch, get some water!

Along with hydrating adequately at work, you need to follow the tips above. If your job is still giving you a headache, you need a life assessment!

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