This Year’s Girl’s Gift Guide

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So it's obvious that I don't have girls, I do have a niece and my youngest son has some girls who come over a lot. So my niece is giving me a few ideas on what girls around her age like, while the older girls are giving me ideas for this girl's gift guide.

The hottest things on the girls lists of course are the glitter, unicorn and rainbows. That's really all females at any ages anymore!

So what's in the Girl's Gift Guide?

This year's Girl's Gift Guide is ranging from young girls upto teenage girls. So it's going to include everything from toys to girl's clothing items and even a few electronics.

Toddler Girl's Gift Guide

Duck-a-roo game - girls gift guide

Duck-a-Roo Game

Everything is ducky when Mama Duck has her ducklings in a row. But when players flip over a duck pond token that matches the last duckling in line, they call out ‘Duck-a-roo!' and swim it to the front. If they don't make a match they flip it back over.

Play continues until there's one token left, and Mama swims back to the front of the line. Players count up their tokens to see who wins in this educational game of memory and color matching.

Get it on Amazon

Axol - girls gift guide


Axol the Axolotl is a plush designed in the image of the endangered salamander native to Mexico.

These little creatures are quirky, silly, and have amazing regenerative abilities. Axol is adventure ready, fun for all ages, soft and cuddly and even meets all governmental regulations for cute plush toys!

Sadly, Axol and their friends are endangered, but there's still time to save Axol and their friends.

A portion of every sale is donated to youth empowerment programs!

Learn more on their website

Frog's rainy day story - girls gift guide

Frog's Rainy Day Story

What is Frog to do when the letters he is using to write a story rebel and begin marching off the page?

What choices will Gander make when his plans for the day are disrupted by an invitation from the king?

Learn about these and other amusing adventures in Frog’s Rainy-Day Story and Other Fables, a delightfully entertaining and attractively illustrated book of eight fables that whimsically contrasts the wisdom of today’s world.

Children will love the entertaining and instructive stories, embellished by more than forty colorful illustrations.

Adults will chuckle as they see many of their own behaviors mirrored in the insightful tales.

Purchase on Amazon

Baby einstein curiosity table - girls gift guide

Baby Einstein Curiosity Table

Let your child’s naturally curious spirit just flow with Baby Einstein’s Curiosity Table. From removable, spinning gears to color-discovery circuits and flashing lights, the two-sided art and science table will capture your little one’s attention for hours.

Watch as the gears connect to make the light bulb turn on! Experiment with color mixing using the mess-free “paint pots.” Your little one will love investigating all the gadgets on this double sided table. It plays more than 65 melodies and introduces vocabulary in English, Spanish or French.

Whether he’s stepping or crawling, the activity station grows with baby. The middle art panel is removable to make more space for baby’s arts and crafts – it even attaches to the end of the table. And removable table legs make it easy to convert the table for floor play.

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Young Girl's Gift Guide

Presley couture - girls gift guide

Presley Couture

Name Means Beauty Princess Dress

Perfect for an afternoon of dress-up or your next magical vacation, this charming character-inspired dress will be the perfect addition to your little girl’s closet.

Name Means Beauty Mouse Ears w/ Rose

Let the magic begin with these handmade, Character Inspired Ears! Ears are one size fits most children and adults!

The ears are perfectly made and ready for your little “Belle of the ball” to wear them on her next dance with her Beast.

Both items can be found on their website Dress | Ears

Buddyphones - girls gift guide

BuddyPhones – Headphones

BuddyPhones WAVE are the safe, comfortable and durable Bluetooth headphones you have been waiting for. The incredible 24-hour battery life allows for up to 10 days of use without charging (2-3 hrs/day).

They feature an adjustable headband so that they can grow with your child and soft hypo-allergenic cushions make them super comfortable for years to come. Works with all Bluetooth enabled devices such as iPads, iPhones, Amazon Kindle, car DVD players & more.

Get them on Amazon

Artie 3000 - girls gift guide

Artie 3000 The Coding Robot

Artie puts the “A” in STEAM, making coding relatable and fun for kids. Learn to code and get drawing with STEAM-style robotics to create visual masterpieces—if you can code it, Artie 3000 can draw it!

Easy setup with Artie’s QuickStart guide, step-by-step instruction cards, and FAQ’s. Connect to Artie 3000’s WiFi, then use your tablet or computer to program Artie 3000 to draw your code creations!

Simply drag and drop blocks of Code to tell Artie how and what to draw, or for more advanced coders use Artie's additional coding applications including Remote Control, Point & Click, Blockly, Snap!, Python and JavaScript.

Test your program on the online simulator, then set Artie on any sheet of paper and watch as he draws what you programmed! By adding an artistic element to stem-powered fun, Artie 3000 powers creativity and introduces the basics of coding.

Get it on Amazon

Monopoly unicorns vs llamas - girls gift guide

Monopoly Unicorns Vs. Llamas

Inspired by the lively rivalry between llamas and the mythical unicorn, the Monopoly Unicorns vs. Llamas game can be a fun game for animal lovers everywhere.

This edition of the Monopoly board game is designed to be played in teams. Join Team Unicorn or Team Llama and move around the board to claim titles such Most Colorful, Twinkliest Eyes, Most Charming, and Sweetest.

The game ends when all titles have been claimed and the team with the most titles wins. The winners can say that their adorable beast is the best!

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Teen Girl's Gift Guide

So it's obvious that i don't have girls, i do have a niece and my youngest son has some girls who come over a lot. So my niece is giving me a few ideas on what girls around her age like, while the older girls are giving me ideas for this girl's gift guide.

Acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop, 15.6″

Now, while most kids today do have some type of laptop or chromebook that the schools provide, it's still important for them to have their own devices that you'll be able to monitor much easier than the schools.

Powerful and portable, the Aspire 5 laptop delivers on every aspect of everyday computing. Housing a 10th Gen Intel Core Processor and NVIDIA GeForce MX250 graphics, the Aspire 5 can tackle any job no matter how complex.

Creativity soars to new heights with sharp, crisp visuals showcased on the 15.6″ Full HD IPS screen, while the thin bezel provides you more space to work with wherever inspiration strikes. It’s the perfect companion to take with you wherever you go!

Get it on Amazon

Hp spocket printer - girl's gift guide

HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer

To go with that laptop, every girl needs their own personal mini-printer!

Instant photos on the go – easily print your favorite adventures on 2×3″ Sticky-backed photo Paper with this Blush pink smartphone-sized photo printer that's designed to easily slip into your pocket, purse, or backpack

Share the moments – share customized photo albums with friends using the HP Sprocket app and keep the fun going

Personalize your prints – decorate, design and Print Your social media photos with the HP Sprocket app so you can decorate your walls with your favorite photos

Get it on Amazon

Dogs and cats pullover - girl's gift guide

Skechers – Bobs for Dogs and Cats Pouch Pullover

Light up the holiday by giving your teen girl what are sure to become her new favorite hoodie. What's a little shedding between friends with the BOBS for Dogs and cats graphic pouch sweatshirt.

This hoodie is made out of super soft French terry has 2 x 2 ribbed neck band and cuffs. The hood has an adjustable draw cord. Exclusive Bobs graphic on front and pocket. Front pocket is large enough to hold A new puppy or kitten. Comfort fit.

When you purchase Bobs, you're helping Skechers Dominate millions to save the lives of dogs and cats in america's shelters. Help make a difference with Bobs. Light up the holiday by giving your teen girl what are sure to become her new favorite hoodie.

Get it on Amazon

Shany makeup - girl's gift guide

SHANY Holiday Surprise Make Up Bundle

What is in the box? MULTIPLE SETS of SHANY brand Makeup Set , Makeup Kits, Brushes and etc. Includes New and old collection of items with total MSRP of over $100.

  • 1 compact makeup set or makeup kit or eye palette or related or both.
  • 1 brush set or 1 makeup set or makeup bag or clear makeup organizer.
  • 1  eyelash or travel container tube or eyeliner set or lip liner set or all.
  • 1 full eyeshadow palette or similar item in makeup cosmetics palette category.
  • 1 mini or full lip gloss set or lip cream set or lipstick set, or similar lip items or all.
  • And few items from these categories (3 – 4 at most): eyeliners, eye pencils, lipsticks, nail decor, dotting brushes, nail brushes, travel bottles,travel tubes and etc.

All Items are brand new in box. Color and style vary. Packaging May Vary. Color Selection May vary.

Get this awesome box on Amazon

Stocking Stuffers

Tweexy - girl's gift guide

tweexy wearable Nail Polish Holder

tweexy is the original, patented wearable polish holder that fits all finger sizes and every size nail polish bottle, from the mini ‘collections’ to the largest, luxury brands. tweexy is a one-piece cast form, made of silicone.

It is soft to the touch and fits securely on two fingers of your hand (or on your thumb). tweexy measures 2 inches in diameter and weighs less than an ounce.

The tweexy bottle grip system securely holds any size bottle, even when your hand is held upside and shaken; yet the bottle can be easily removed from the tweexy. The two expandable rings are thick enough to naturally keep fingers separated during polishing, allowing your hand to relax.

Get it on Amazon

Luc bell - girl's gift guide

Luc Bell – Unicorn Bracelet

There are several aspects of the bracelets, chosen for their specific symbolism:

The silver heart – because you're loved and in turn you share your love.

An animal bead – we specifically focus on animals with strong bonds to signify we are all a part of a bigger picture, stronger together.

Red bead – symbolizing strength and protection.

Visit their Etsy Shop To Purchase

Cow tales - girl's gift guide

Cow Tales Candies

Cow Tales were launched in the 1980's as a stick-shaped, chewy caramel filled with cream. Cow Tales are available in four flavors: “original” vanilla caramel, chocolate, strawberry, and caramel apple.

Get the Strawberry

Get the Chocolate

Original stretchlace - girl's gift guide

Original StretchLace

Keep the traditional look of tie laces and lose the inconvenience of clasps, clips, and adjustable locks that come with other elastic laces. No installation involved, once fitted correctly, you'll be on your way.

The stretch and flex will alleviate pressure points and allow for a snug and comfy fit, while conveniently allowing you to slip your shoes on and off with ease. Snug or loose, you select your customized fit, and tie once.

Get them on Amazon

Written by Anna C.

I am a wife and mother of two sons. We live in Rural Northeast Ohio with our 2 cats, 2 dogs & many fish. I love all things Supernatural, Harry Potter, elephants, sunflowers, crystals, occult, crafting, coffee, wine, and online shopping. Have a TikTok, PokemonGo & Elder Scrolls addiction, I've always loved plants, recently I became a houseplant mom, and am currently growing over 15 varieties in our home! Now if I could get my outside gardens to flourish I will be happy. When I'm not tending to the home, pets, plants, or hanging out on the couch catching up on my shows, I'm doing some type of crafting or DIY project. (Or I'm pestering my husband in the barn.)

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