4 Ways Gadgets Could Seriously Affect Your Health

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People are grateful for the advancement of technology.

I know I am.

But do you know how much gadgets could seriously affect your health?

I remember a time where I had to sit in a corner on the floor under the kitchen phone, attached to the wall, with a CORD! *Gasp* Yeah, I'm that old!

We thank those who spent their time studying electronic items such as Wirewound Resistors and stuff just to create electronic devices that could make our work easy and light. It allows us to communicate with people around the world and see them as if we are just near each other. You do not have to bring big cameras, just get the mobile phone from your pocket and then take a picture of yourself wearing your outfit of the day. These are just a few of the advantages of technology but sadly, if you are not conscious of how to use technology properly, gadgets could have a serious effect on your health.

Try to ask yourself, how much time do I spend using my mobile phone? Can you still live normally without your gadgets? By your answers, you will discover if you are still in control of your gadgets or your gadgets are already controlling you. Like what is stated above, gadgets have their advantages so you do not have to eliminate them. Being moderate in using them and being mindful of your health can prevent the harmful effects that technology can possibly bring. Here are some of the few negative effects that you should consider when using your gadgets.

4 Ways Gadgets Could Seriously Affect Your Health

Gadgets May Affect Your Sleeping Habit

Even if it is already time for bed, you are still holding your mobile phones to check if your pictures gain lots of likes and hearts. Or maybe you are waiting for the dress you saw online to be on sale before going to sleep.

The problem, gadgets such as cellphones, laptops, and computers emit blue light. Blue light may disrupt our body clock since it keeps us alert at night and make sleeping harder. If this blue light has effects on grown-ups, what more for children? Gadget users may suffer from insomnia if they do not pay attention to this now.

Headphones - effect your health 2

Gadgets Can Hurt Your Vision

Spending long hours staring at your monitor can strain the eyes. Long screen time can make your sight blurry. Those who wear their eyeglasses find their eye grade higher than before. So be sure to give your eyes a break every time you use your gadgets. Try to look for something color green to help relax the eyes. Avoid exposing your eyes to bright light that will result in temporary blindness. Remember that eyes that are exposed to a high level of brightness can cause permanent blindness.

You Will Experience Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)

RSI is a general term used to describe the pain felt in muscles, nerves, and tendons caused by repetitive movement and overuse. When you use your gadgets for a long period of time, you might feel pain in your wrists, hands, neck, and shoulders. Prevention is better than cure. Limit the time you spend on your gadgets and save yourself from experiencing RSI.

Wearing Earphones Can Affect Your Hearing

Earphones that are plugged in your ears while playing loud music can cause problems with hearing. A damaged eardrum can make you deaf if you do not listen to this warning. Do you know what’s worse? It can also cost you your life if you do not hear a speedy car while you are crossing the streets.

Our gadgets are good as long as we use them responsibly. Taking care of our health while using technology is our primary concern. Do not wait for the time when you can no longer enjoy these devices because you did not listen and you are already sick or you cannot see or hear anymore.

Gadgets could seriously affect your health

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