3 Tips to Ensure Your Home Increases in Value Over Time

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Homes are valuable in more than one way. It is important to know what needs to be done to ensure your home increases in value over time, instead of taking a financial loss if or when you decided to sell it.  You find your home to be valuable because it is a safe place for your family to live. It also holds lots of sentimental and emotional value to all of you. But, homes are also financially valuable. They cost a lot of money to buy, and they generally tend to maintain or increase in value over time.

If you ever want your home to have the ability to be resold, you need to ensure that your home increases in value and remains attractive for future buyers.
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3 Tips to Ensure Your Home Increases in Value Over Time

Naturally, nobody wants this to be the case. So, what causes a home to lose its value? A couple of factors are out of your hands, but there are many things you can control that dictate the value of your property.

Prevent damage and deterioration

If your property gets damaged, it will decrease its financial value. Why? Because people do not want to buy homes that are damaged. The same goes for deterioration: if your home deteriorates too much, it reaches a point where it is simply undesirable. If you ever want your home to have the ability to be resold, you need to ensure that your home increases in value.

Therefore, one of your main tasks is to prevent these problems from happening. Regular maintenance is the best thing you can do, particularly things like inspecting areas of your home. Always look for common problems like carpenter bee damage, rat scratches, termite holes, etc. The sooner you spot signs of wear and tear, the quicker you can address them. This keeps your home in tip-top shape, maintaining or increasing its value. 

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Keep things updated

Another reason homes decrease in price is that they become outdated. This might not relate to the physical health of the property – it is more to do with things inside. The best example is an old central heating system. If the boiler is decades old and the entire system uses outdated technology, it is a pain for future buyers. They know they will have to replace everything if they want their home to be modern and efficient. Even simple things like outrageously outdated interior design can put people off. 

Thus, you need to keep things updated around your home. Make sure it looks and operates like a house fit for this time period.  Keeping up with any type of maintenance should really be a monthly thing. Every month, you should be going around your home and taking note of things that need to be fixed, updated, replaced, or removed. It may seem like a lot, but over time, it will help you ensure your home increases in value instead of decrease.

Keep it clean

Finally, a clean home is far more valuable than a messy one. This mainly relates to two different things. To start, cleanliness refers to things like stains on the walls, ceilings, and floors. If you have lots of clutter, it will not make a huge difference as buyers know it will be removed. The second thing is a messy garden. If your front or back garden is overgrown and horrible, your house price decreases. 

Again, it is all to do with giving future owners too much work. Not only that but a dirty/messy home just is not attractive, especially to potential buyers. People will be willing to pay a lot less than you think your house deserves. 

Of course, as mentioned in the intro, some factors are out of your control. For example, what if the place you live suddenly becomes very undesirable? It could happen, and this would definitely not ensure your home increases in value. However, it is very unlikely, and you are better off focusing on things you can control and change.

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