Start Cleaning Less So You Can Enjoy Your Day More

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I was looking through some drafted blog posts and realized that I never really talked about who I am or what I do daily. I never really talk about what I do in order to keep our home, what I call “visitor ready”. So figured I'd talk about how I take care of our home while cleaning less.

I've talked about my kids, the husband, being a mom and my marriage, but never really about me and what I do (other than what you probably read on my About Me page.

Being a stay at home mom, was never my dream. In a lot of ways, it's still not. While I love working from home on the blog, until about 9 years ago, I had always worked outside of the home. The thought of being home all day 10 years ago was just crazy talk to me.

I thought that in order to be one of those “stay at home moms” I had to be the wife of a lawyer or doctor, wear yoga pants all day long, spend ungodly amounts of money on makeup & hair products, weigh about 80lbs and drive a BMW, meet the other SAHM's at Starbucks and brag about how awesome our little “perfect” children were doing and how much we hated our husbands. All while of course paying someone else to take care of the cleaning.

My life, is everything that is NOT that. I don't drive a BMW, right now, we only have 1 vehicle and it's an older SUV for my husband. I don't meet up with other mom's and sip on coffee to talk about my kids.

Start Cleaning Less So You Can Enjoy Your Day More

Everyday, I wake up, grab my coffee sit and watch at least 1 episode of my current show I'm catching up on that is finally on Netflix (since we cut cable). After that 1, maybe 2, episodes, I start picking up around the house. The little things like blankets, pillows, papers, etc., that were left out while everyone was getting ready for work or school.

I also will do some light cleaning like wiping down the end tables, tidying up the porch, some laundry, etc.

But my most hated chore…. vacuuming.

I hate vacuuming. I rather do laundry than vacuum. We have an old vacuum that is about 14 years old. It's heavy. It takes up so much space in our coat closet that I have to lift it over the tool box and other cleaning supplies.

There have been many times that something has been stuck in the brushes or the hose and I've had to “fish” it out, cut it loose or some other insane craziness.

Recently I partnered up with EcoVacs to check out their latest Deebot Ozmo 950 Robotic Vacuum. I've been wanting a robot vacuum for awhile, especially since we moved into this gigantic house.

Cleaning less DeeBot Ozmo 950 Robotic Vacuum
When you receive your DeeBot Ozmo 950 Robotic Vacuum, you receive the vacuum (with canister), cleaning pads, reusable mop pads, extra brushes and an extra set of filters, along with the books to help get you set up.

Vacuuming is one of my most hated chores because of how heavy our vacuum is, plus, we still have to use bags, not a bagless canister, and they can be just frustrating.

Not only is the vacuum heavy, but with having such a large home, it takes about 45-60 mins to vacuum both the main floor and upstairs. I have to pick things up, move things, vacuum, then have to put everything back into place.

We've been trying out the DeeBot Ozmo 950 Robotic Vacuum for a couple weeks now and I've enjoyed much more time with family, the kitties, and have been able to focus on the blog a lot more.

Since we don't have to drag out the heavy vacuum anymore, it just sits in the closet, I'm sure we'll have to drag it out once in awhile, but right now, I'm perfectly okay with not having to use it.

Just this morning, I was able to vacuum the main floor of the house while catching up on the latest season of This is Us and drinking my first cup of coffee! Seriously, feet up, cuddled under a blanket and drinking coffee while vacuuming.

Cup of coffee in hand, catching up on This is Us, and our kitty, Apollo, watching Rosie Dee Robot (yes, we named our DeeBot Vacuum) doing her vacuum thing in the morning.

When we first set up Rosie Dee Robot (DeeBot Ozmo 950), I just let it charge overnight, picked everything that wasn't heavy (blankets, baskets, cats food dishes, etc) and let it start cleaning the main floor (which includes kitchen, living, dining, family, bath, office rooms).

With the app, you can name your robotic vacuum, map out the area's and program it to only vacuum certain areas, while mopping others.

Let Rosie mapped out the main floor quickly in about 90 mins run time from start to finish. I was amazed on how well she vacuumed also. I don't think our floors have ever looked so clean in the past 15 months we've lived here.

The DEEBOT OZMO 950 provides powerful cleaning, thanks to 200mn battery life, Max+ Suction Power Mode for deeper cleaning, SmartNavi 3.0TM with updated virtual boundaries and multi-floor mapping, and OZMOTM technology for two-in-one mopping and vacuuming.

The new DEEBOT features ECOVACS’ thinnest design yet, to ensure the 950 can access and clean every floor surface with ease. DEEBOT OZMO 950 is smart home compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

I have Rosie set to run 2 times daily, 10 am and 10 pm. After everyone (except me) is gone for the day or in bed. That way everything is up off the floor and she doesn't interrupt daily living.

I'm surprised that our cats haven't attacked her yet. They weren't too happy when they first saw her and shied away, but now, they will lay in the same room and they aren't bothered by her anymore.

Cleaning less DeeBot Ozmo 950 Robotic Vacuum - PN

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