4 Ways to effectively work with a contractor

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Has the lockdown been good to you? For some it's been great, others not so great.

Renovating your home is always going to rank high on the to-do list, sometimes you need to learn however, ways to effectively work with a contractor. You may have the chance to complete the jobs that you have wanted to for years, so you should put them at the top of the list.

Recently my husband and I have tackled a few projects around the house, and it has been great. Other things that we need done, we have actually started to look at the possibility of having a contracting company come and fix, update, or repair.

Renovating your home is always going to rank high on the to-do list, sometimes you need to learn however, how to effectively work with a contractor.
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Actually, having to effectively work with a contractor is not a daunting process at all. There are things however, you do need to understand before even working with one. Here are four truths that you should know that will get your relationship off on the right foot.

They Can NOT Work Miracles

Please do not expect them to do things that are not realistic. You can not expect them to completely renovate your 3,000 sq ft home, top to bottom, wall to wall, on a $30,000 budget. The same goes for any other project you need to work with a contractor on. Having teeny tiny budgets but expecting big results, will only frustrate you and waste the contractor's time.

Of course, their expertise is in building, and you will listen to their opinion regarding safety and security. However, it is stuff like trying to put in a good word with the local authority that is not feasible. If you could not get permission to build before, you can not now that you have hired a contractor. It is their job to finish the work to a high standard, not play politics with local politicians. Expecting them to do things that they cannot ensure the process does not run smoothly.

It is Good That You Shopped Around

Some people try to keep the information to themselves. It is almost as if it is a dirty little secret that will make the builder flip out with rage. “You did what?!” Not only did you not cheat on them – if there is such a thing – but you will probably have the contractor’s blessing. The reason is simple – it means you did your research. To a tradesperson, this is a sign that you are happy with their service and will not expect bunnies to be pulled from overly large hats. Remember that being closed off will make it harder to communicate.

You Should Not Be In The House

This is a tricky one because some contractors will happily work around you. Yet, there are times when it is not comfortable for you to be wandering around without a care in the world. Anything to do with the roof, from roof cleaning to replacing slates, is potentially risky as the materials are volatile. Plus, it is one more problem for contractors to worry about when you are not trained in health and safety. Also, it can be unproductive as they feel as if they have to tip-toe around while you go about your daily routine.

They Are NOT trying to Make Extra Work

It happens. The building industry is unpredictable, and there is no way to tell when a problem will pop-up and cause a rudimentary job to escalate. The key is to remember that they do not want to be extending their hours. Typically, a contractor will be on a tight deadline, and any incidents only eat into their overall profit margin. If there is extra work, it is essential that you do not give in to cynicism and skepticism, or else relations will turn sour.

Have you worked with contractors before? How did that work out for you?

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