4 Ways To Educate Children At Home With Ease

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Since we’re all locked inside and children still have to keep learning, parents are now picking up the mantle and choosing to educate children at home. For those of you that have never homeschooled, this is going to be a challenge.

I remember when I started homeschooling my youngest son, it was crazy stressful even thinking about how I was going to be able to educate children at home, much less on my own without assistance. There was a lot of information I needed to research, laws, and more. Luckily, there are so many helpful Facebook groups and other parent connections that are so useful when researching on how to educate children at home. It really helps when you have people in your corner.

Parents are now picking up the mantle and choosing to educate children at home. For those of you that have never homeschooled, this is going to be a challenge.

You’re going to enter into a different relationship with your children, whereby you have to be someone that pays attention to how they solve problems, think about complex issues and answer any and all questions about the way the world works. You may already be doing this, but educating children takes a lot more patience and personal development time, which can only happen through hours of dedication. Sounds tough? Not with these types of things to help you out.

4 Ways To Educate Children At Home With Ease

Online sources

Depending on the age of your child, you can use various shows on YouTube to help you in your lessons. Using visuals that have already been made for you and songs that you and your children can both sing along too, your lessons will become more enjoyable. YouTube is an excellent source of material because it's free and there is so much choice.

Online sources such as this, should be incorporated into your lessons so children can have other ways of thinking and processing information, presented to them. It's also helpful for you, as some of the children’s shows online are live-streamed. Getting your kids out of bed on time becomes so much easier when you can both watch an educational show together while having breakfast.

A faster experience

When you start homeschooling children, you’ll want to incorporate tablets into your lessons. It allows children to interact with their learning and solve problems using their cognitive skills. But for this to work, you need internet service providers that can handle multiple browser page tabs being open at the same time. The cheapest option for DSL internet is CenturyLink. However, if you want a faster internet you need fiber optic and a brand like AT&T or CenturyLink once again. If you just want something that can cope with different devices using different software all at once but has the best customer service, go with Verizon. 

Remember to have fun

The kids are going to want a normal break as they would at school. Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you shouldn’t let this happen naturally. If you know when they normally had lunch or perhaps a short break to have a snack, then have it at exactly the same time as they normally would. This keeps a sense of routine and familiarity and can even help jolt their minds back into the normal learning pattern. 


Yes, even when you’re homeschooling your kids, they should be given homework. This keeps their mind fresh and they can go into their rooms to figure out puzzles and learn in their own time. This is something that you should prepare ahead of time so don’t just focus on the lessons themselves. 

For parents that are teaching their children for the first time, it's going to be challenging. But use online sources that are free, like YouTube kid’s shows, to help you articulate your points across. 

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