7 Quick and Easy Ways To Cut Back On Bills

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I've heard of several ways to cut back on bills in the past. Some worked, some didn't work for my family at the time. Some of the suggestions I've heard in the past were just not doable. “Walk to work” or “

When you have a family, is tough. Especially when there are things that your family enjoys and you really don't want to take that joy away. Trust me, I understand. We've been working hard to cut back on bills around the house here. It's hard.

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That doesn’t mean there isn't anything that can't be done. It just takes a little effort on everyone's part to make it work. There are sacrifices that need to be done and while some won't like it, it will benefit in the long run.

6 Quick and Easy Ways To Cut Back On Bills

Below, you’ll find some quick and easy ways that you can use to cut back on bills. You’ll be left with more money to have fun with your family and enjoy the luxuries in life!

Save on Groceries

Saving on groceries is easier than ever to do with all of the coupons, apps that you can use, and other deals that stores have. A lot of the apps you can earn cash back on like Checkout 51, Ibotta & Shopkick.

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Even if you use the apps I mentioned, don't buy things just because you can get a few pennies back. If it's not something you're going to use, you'll end up wasting your money anyway. Also, instead of shopping at a higher end grocery store, you can opt for a store like Aldi or a Save-A-Lot. Both are great options that you can find the same items you would at a more expensive grocery store at lower and more cost effective prices.

We are Aldi-a-holics. I love Aldi, especially around the holidays. It's where we get majority of our staple items that we don't buy in bulk. Did know you know that some Aldi also have partnered up with InstaCart? So if you can't get to an Aldi, you can have your groceries brought to you.

You can get $10 off your first InstaCart using this code:


Reduce Eating Out

This one is so hard, especially this time of year when everyone is on the go with shopping for presents, holiday get togethers, and more. This is one of the quickest and easy ways to cut back on bills in general. If you're a family of 4 and you eat out, even once a week, you can save anywhere from $150 to $400 a month.

Instead of spending that money at restaurants, you can put that into savings to grow your emergency fund, or put it towards your mortgage or vehicle payments to pay them off quicker and avoid paying more interest than what's needed.

Keep The Phone You Already Have

You don’t need to upgrade to a brand new, fancy phone each time it’s time for you to upgrade. If there’s nothing wrong with the phone you currently have and you’re pretty sure it’ll last another few years keep it and move to a sim only contract instead.  You may need to be careful with older smartphones where the software is slowing down.

Iphone - cut back on your bills

If you do end up needing to upgrade, skip the need to lease a phone through your provider. You can purchase a phone that is either brand new or refurbished for a fraction of the price on a website called Swappa.

Shop Around For Car Insurance

Car insurance isn't fair when you think about it. Yes we need to be insured, while your car depreciates from the moment you drive it off the lot, why do we pay the same amount for it throughout the year? Look for an insurance provider that allows you to pay less each month instead.

While your at it, you can also see about getting a new to you used car. Instead of paying monthly for a brand new car, you can pay out right for a used car. It will lower your over all expenses and cut your insurance sometimes in half, since you won't have to have full coverage.

If you're already done with payments on your vehicle but are still paying full coverage, call your insurance provider and see about getting State Minimum Liability, Comprehensive and Roadside Assistance. Those 3 are important.

It's a requirement to have at least the state minimum required insurance, but comprehensive insurance also protects your vehicle from being broken into, something falling onto it (like a basketball hoop), and of course the roadside is important if you stall, blow a tire, or something else.

Shop Around for New Bill Suppliers

Check when your contracts are up and look for new deals. Don’t just stick with the same bill suppliers, or you’re likely wasting way more money than you need to. 

If you don't have a contract with a bill supplier such as a utility company, often you can call and see if they have better rates, or if they offer budget plans. Some of the budget programs are income based, while others are not. So ask questions on how to get the best price.

Often just calling your providers and saying “I've been with you for X amount of years & have paid on time, do you have a loyalty pricing for current and long term customers?” They may, or the rep may be able to find something in order to retain you as a customer. The worse they can do is say no, so it really doesn't hurt to at least ask.

Get A Streaming Service 

If you're looking to cut the cable cord, streaming services such as Amazon Prime, Netflix & Hulu may be a better route to go. They all have so many amazing shows, and can be cheaper than a TV channel package. Below you’ll find some information that could help you to decide: 

I've heard of several ways to cut back on bills in the past. Some worked, some didn't work for my family at the time. Some of the suggestions i've heard in the past were just not doable. "walk to work" or "
click the image to take a look at Minnow's Streaming Scoreboard

One of our favorite streaming services is Amazon Prime Video. It has a lot of the kids favorite old movies, plus a lot of mine also. I'm a sucker for a lot of older musicals, which I can find on Amazon Prime Video. Watch anywhere by streaming on your compatible TV, gaming console, Fire TV, or phones and tablets.

We also are slightly addicted to a new Amazon Exclusive Series called Jack Ryan, who is a CIA analyst turned action hero who helps the CIA with operations.

Once you've cut out what needs to be cut out. Figure out a budget and stick to it. When you start seeing that savings account and emergency fund start growing to numbers you didn't think they would be able to reach, you'll be amazed how much you just don't miss the things you cut out.

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